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Pat Roach was a star of the wrestling ring for many years before branching out into blockbuster movies and the top rated television series Auf Wiedersehen Pet. A former boxer, he entered the wrestling ring for the first time in the early 60's and quickly established himself as one of the toughest men in the game.

He wrestled all over the World during his 30+ year career and never turned his back on the business - even when he started to make big money in films. He continued to wrestle whenever the opportunity arose and it was Pat who had the last word on the final Saturday afternoon television wrestling session in 1988.

Standing 6'4" and weighing in at around 18 stone, Pat was an impressive sight in the ring and he lists Tony St Clair and Giant Haystacks as his toughest opponents. But he was probably best known for playing 'Bomber' - a bricklayer - in the comedy/drama Auf Wiedersehen Pet. He also had major parts in some blockbuster movies including the Indiana Jonestrilogy, Conan The Destroyer, Never Say Never Again, Willow, A Clockwork Orange, Superman III, Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves and Red Sonjaamong others. His T.V. credits include The BillHeartbeatCasualty,Minder and Juliet Bravo. Pat's love for his Birmingham roots never left him and he turned down the opportunity to live in Hollywood. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2001 and fought his illness with enormous courage and determination. He died three years later aged 67.

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