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The Welsh giant Barri Griffiths started his career under the regime of Orig 'El Bandito' Williams before advancing his training under All Star Wrestling on Merseyside, UK. Griffiths worked under several names throughout his UK career such as Celtic Warrior, SmackDown Warrior, Barri 10Foot and Goliath.

Barri also worked as a UK Gladiator - called Goliath - until he was scooped up and signed up to a World Wrestling Entertainment development deal in America, Barri left for the States in January 2010 to begin what most expected would be a successful run with the WWE.

Barri quickly advanced as Florida Championship Wrestlings Heavyweight Champion before dropping the title in order to advance onto WWE TV as Mason Ryan - the muscle behind CM Punks 'Nexus' faction.

More recently since the split of Nexus Mason Ryan has been a popular regular face on WWE programs teaming with the likes of Santino Marella.

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