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British Wrestling is world renouned for having some of the best technical, powerful, agile and charismatic characters in the business - from the golden days of World of Sport to modern Superstars, all have captured the hearts of a wrestling nation - Great Britain is proud to reminise of Superstars of the past, celebrate current stars and look forward towards a bright future in British Wrestling.

This Great British Wrestlers Directory is a catalogue of British Wrestling Superstars from past and present ... and no doubt will host names that will be a part of our future. If you notice that a British Wrestler(s) is not included in the directory then please drop us a line at with as much information (and ideally with a photo of the Wrestler(s) in question) and the BWP Admin team will happily add them to the listings. If you would like to add and/or amend details on certain Wrestlers pages that are already listed, again, please email us at with your recommended amendments and we will gladly update them for you.








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Britannia Wrestling Promotions are the British Ambassadors of Pro Wrestling International - which other global promotions are associated with this group.

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