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The Brand Win Tag Team Gold


After months of chasing the BWP Tag Team Championships, The Brands DJ King & Cyanide finally got their hands on the prestigious title belts last weekend at BWP Denbigh Town Hall Brawl III following yet another epic encounter with now-former Tag Team Champions, The Classic Combo.

The Brand fell short the last time that they were in action in Denbigh in February as they were knocked out of the Tag Team Turmoil tournament by the team that would eventually go on to win the tournament and become the 1st ever tag team champions, Sabotage & Tommy Gunn.  Due to the premature breakup of Sab-Gunn, Classic Combo beat The Brand in Saltney, North Wales to be crowned the new BWP Tag Team Champions – since then, The Brand have been unable to outsmart the popular duo and have always fallen short – but not last weekend!

With Stacey Rose at ringside with them, the odd’s were once again stacked against the young Champions – not for the first time for sure, but this time the numbers game was clearly to much for the devious and dastardly duo of Cyanide and DJ King.

The Brand are now stronger than ever, with DJ & Cyanide as BWP Tag Team Champions, and Craig ‘Danzig’ Winters as BWP Rookie Division Champion – is it only a matter of time before this gang heads for PWI:BWP World Catchweight Champion The Babyface Pitbull?

Our New Welsh Connection


Britannia Wrestling Promotions are proud to announce the signing of Welsh TV personality/actress/singer/model Sian Davies and Welsh TV personality and Movie Director/Producer Ryan Kift!

BWP have been holding shows across Wales now for 3 years, putting on the absolute best form of wrestling entertainment possible each and everytime, bringing the best of British and International wrestlers to Wales – from major towns to the smallest of villages, Britannia Wrestling Promotions is determined to cover the whole of Wales, and with our recent Welsh signings, making all of future BWP shows uniquely bilingual!

Ryan Kift, Producer & Director for new Welsh horror movie ‘Zombies from Ireland‘, will now join the commentating team of Britannia Wrestling Promotions.  Sian Davies, a regular on Welsh TV channel S4C as well as starring in ‘Zombies from Ireland’ and modelling for several major modeling agencies/magazines, will bring back a little bit of ‘old school’ back to ‘new cool’ as the official BWP Ring Girl – a diamond in the rough!

BWP Founder Steve Saxon had this to say about his recent signings:
‘I have known both Ryan and Sian now for about 12 months, they are a great team both on and off  screen and I am extremely excited about bringing them into the BWP family – I am looking forward to seeing and hearing the Welsh language becoming a natural part of BWP shows and who better than a stunning model and actress and a movie producer and director to help kick start the BWP Welsh Connection’

Ryan Kift also made a few comments:

CYMRAEG: ‘Dwi wrth fy modd cael ymuno a BWP fel rhan o’r tim sylwebaeth. Byddai yn eistedd wrth y cylch sgwar ac yn galw’r ornest yn fyw! Rwyf Wedi bod yn ffan o wreslo erioed ac BWP ydy’r cwmni gora o gwmpas, maent yn cyfuno storiau wefreiddiol a wreslo cyffrous i gyd mewn sioe all yr holl deulu fwynhau.
Wrth ddod ar elfen gymraeg i fewn i’r cwmni, dwi’n teimlo bod siawns ymestyn at fwy o bobl ac gobeithio yn fuan bydd wreslo yn ol ar y bocs!!

ENGLISH: ‘I am delighted to be joining BWP as part of the commentary team. I will be ringside calling the action live! I Have been a fan of wrestling since ever and BWP is the best  company around today, they combine exciting stories and thrilling wrestling all at a show the whole family can enjoy.
In bringing the welsh component into the company I feel that there is more of a  chance to extend to a wider audience and hopefully together we can bring wreslo back on the box!’

And last, but by no means least – the sexy Sian Davies had these words for the BWP fans:

CYMRAEG: ‘It’s cool to be a ring girl for BWP. I believe I will inject some glamour and sexiness to a male dominated sport. This shows BWP’s not afraid to evolve and this is what sets them aside from other company’s in the UK today. Being a professional model and a fanatic wrestling fan this is indeed a dream job for me!’

ENGLISH: ‘Mae’n cŵl i fod yn ‘ring girl’ i BWP. Rwy’n credu y byddaf yn chwistrellu rhywfaint o hudoliaeth a ‘sexiness’ i gamp dynion yn bennaf. Mae hyn yn dangos nad yw BWP yn ofn esblygu ac hyn sydd yn eu gosod ar wahân i gwmniau eraill ym mhrydain heddiw. Gan fy mod yn fodel proffesiynol a ffan reslo ffanatig, mae hyn yn wirioneddol swydd ddelfrydol i mi!’

Be sure to check out Ryan and Sians BWP show debut on Saturday 24th September 2011 at BWP Denbigh Town Hall Brawl III – Welsh TV Network S4C will be also be present filming the wreslting action as well as seeing how the ne BWP Welsh Connection is getting on in their new found roles!



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