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Marc Morgan – Held Back By The Pack?


The self proclaimed ‘Ayatollah of British Wrestling’ – a former BWP Rookie Division Champion and the 2014 El Bandito Memorial Tournament winner, Marc Morgan. Since 2011 Morgan has been stepping up through the ranks of Britannia Wrestling Promotions and making a name for himself as a main event player and potential future World Champion, some say that perhaps he should already be holding that credential if it wasn’t for his ‘boss’ and Pack leader, The Babyface Pitbull.

As a result of winning the 2014 El Bandito Memorial Tournament on 22 February, Marc received a guaranteed title shot against then Champion, ‘Liverpools No1′ Zack Gibson at BWP Main Event a month later. This did not sit well with Pitbull who for the 3rd consecutive year failed to win the prestigious tournament, instead Morgan bypassed his mentor by defeating Dean MacManus, Dave DelVecchio and the man that eliminated Pitbull and 2013′s EBMT Winner, ’100% Welsh Beef’ Dylan Roberts in a match that is already tipped to be a contender for the 2014 Match of the Year. During Morgans title match against Zack Gibson it seemed towards the end that the Ayatollah might just clench a victory until Pitbull intervened in the match costing Morgan the win as referee Max Davies called for him to be disqualified.

Fast forward one month to BWP Champions Ball where, thanks to BWP Commissioner Angel D’Souza, Marc Morgan would receive a Championship Rematch – or this is what he thought as he arrived at Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena that day until he was greeted by The Babyface Pitbull who told him ‘this is no time to be selfish’ before giving the young hopeful the night off as Pitbull took the title shot for himself! Although Morgan did not/dare not put up any form of argument towards his mentor, he was visibly unhappy in his second shot at the big one being pulled from under his feet, but as Pitbull proclaimed, ‘it’s what’s good for the business and what’s good for The Pack’.

The Babyface Pitbull went on to defeat Zack Gibson to become the first ever 4 time PWI:BWP World Catchweight Champion, with a little help from his fellow Pack members, of course. Now, Marc Morgan once again walks in the shadow of the top dog at Britannia Wrestling – but how must if feel to be walking behind a man who holds the title that maybe, just maybe, could and should have been his?!

Regardless of any internal politics The Pack continue to reign supreme in the BWP ranks and Marc Morgan is still representing and getting the job done on in a consistently impressive style, notably holding several wins over Dylan Roberts & Zack Gibson in recent months, no small feat for any Superstar. Where will this all end for Morgan? Where is he destined to be in both Britannia Wrestling Promotions and within The Pack? Will he ever get a fair shot at the big one whilst the egomaniacal Pitbull is calling the shots and taking the glory?


Explaining The All New BWP Main Event Shows

BWP Main Event Shows

You may have noticed that recently we posted the artwork for our BWP Main Event Show at Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena on Saturday 22 March 2014, but what is the BWP Main Event Show?  Here we explain.

Every year Britannia Wrestling Promotions hold their ‘big five’ – BWP El Bandito Memorial Tournament, BWP Champions Ball, BWP Summer Rumble, BWP Lethal Intentions & BWP Denbigh Town Hall Brawl.  In addition to our ‘big 5′ we also hold the new BWP Rookie Division:Proving Ground shows at Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena highlighting our Rookie Division stars.

The new Main Event Shows will feature the best of Britannia & British Wrestling Superstars at venues across North Wales, they will feature all new production values that have never before been seen in Wales, and rarely seen across the UK wrestling scene!  Britannia Wrestling Promotions understands that it is important to keep moving with the times and to continually grow and develop in order to entertain our ever increasing loyal fanbase.  The new Main Event Shows will feature integrated live backstage video feeds right into the Ffrith Beach Arena venue, allowing our fans greater access to ‘the whole picture’ … gone are the days where a wrestling show can roll into town and put a couple of random Superstars together in a match and expect the audience to simply go along with things, the new era of professional wrestling fans expect, and deserve, more than that.

We will also be developing our online services, building on the current BWP Encore! Radio & BWP Encore! TV formats, improving their delivery and integrating them into the BWP Main Event Shows.  We will ensure that full BWP Main Event Shows are uploaded to our Youtube Channel and linked to our website and social media outlets so that fans from all around the world can continue to enjoy our product in full with all the extra frills!

BWP Main Event Shows will be a revolution for Britannia Wrestling Promotions and we give our guarantee to you, the BWP Faithful & professional wrestling fans in general, that we will continue to throw everything that we have into improving the BWP brand.

BWP Rookie Division:Proving Ground 3 Full Results

Britannia Wrestling Promotions officially kick-started our 2014 schedule this past Saturday 25 January with the BWP Rookie Division:Proving Ground 3 show at Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena, and what a year start it was for the BWP Faithful!

The main focus of the evening was without a doubt the crowning of the NEW BWP Rookie Division Tag Team Champions at the end of a 4 team knock-out tournament featuring The Bear & Irish Thug Vs ‘Mr No Fear’ Ry Lloyd & Squirt and of course The Asylum Vs Ace Jordan & Tommy Hayden in the two knock-out rounds, the winners of both advancing to meet each other to decide which team would go down in Britannia Wrestling history!

Before the Championship tag team tournament took place there were three additional bouts to take care of, kick starting with a battle of the International masked Superstars:

‘The Japanese Sensation’ Pyro Vs El Oscuro 
Not a lot was known about the debuting El Oscuro heading into this match other than he is Mexican and one tough son of a b***h back on his home turf, but how would be do over on British soil?  Actually quite well in all honesty!

Taking on the 2013 Rookie of the Year & former 2x BWP Rookie Division Champion ‘The Japanese Sensation’ Pyro, this was not going to be an easy debut match for the Mexican luchador, but he showed just why BWP Commissioner, Angel D’Souza headhunted him from across the pond.  Though his in-ring abilities were easily on par with those of Pyro – El Oscuro needed to resort to spraying a blue mist into the face and eyes of Pyro in order to get his 1st win here in BWP.

The Winner: El Oscuro

No1 Contenders 4 Way Elimination Match
Dan Evans Vs Springbok Matthews Vs Demoni Vs Dave DelVecchio
This started as more of a tornado tag match with Demoni & Dave DelVecchio siding with each other to take out the duo of Springbok Matthews & Dan Evans, but that didn’t last too long!  Within no time the match broke down into exactly what it was billed as – every man for himself.  Just before the match was announced to the live BWP Faithful, BWP Commissioner Angel D’Souza instructed the additional stipulation that this match was now an elimination style match!

First eliminated was Demoni by Springbok Matthews shortly before Dave DelVecchio got rid of Springbok with a jaw shattering cutter!  Once again we were left with two men – Dan Evans & Dave DelVecchio – there is so much history between these two guys that this now turned into a healthy competition between four Rookies, into an absolute personal slug-fest between two of the biggest guys in the Rookie Division!  The end was within sight, DelVecchio seemingly having ‘Mr Massive’ beat, Evans came back from out of nowhere with a simple oldschool schoolboy pin – with the added use of his feet on the ropes – to get the 1-2-3 and marching his way straight into BWP Main Event on Saturday 22 March at Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena.

Winner & No1 Contender To The BWP Rookie Division Champion: ‘Mr Massive’ Dan Evans

BWP Rookie Division Championship Match
Troy McCarthy (c) Vs Sexxy Kev
As soon as Sexxy Kev strutted onto the stage, the ladies were behind him.  As soon as Troy McCarthy walked out onto the stage, EVERYBODY was behind Sexxy Kev!!

Troy McCarthy has been desperately hanging onto the BWP Rookie Division Championship since he beat ‘Japanese Sensation’ Pyro for it in The Academy, Buckley on 22 November 2013, and once again, Troy was willing to do whatever in order to ensure his title goes nowhere.  From the offset Troy set upon Kev with a viscous onslaught of lefts, rights, boots and take-downs trying to wear his opponent down and make short work of this Championship bout.  Sexxy Kev however, was prepared.  With an army of fans cheering him on, Sexxy Kev took advantage of the short tempered Champ on numerous occasions,  but sadly on this occasion his attempts were not leading him to victory as once again Troy McCarthy managed to worm his way out of a Championship Match with a ‘W’ in the record books.

Winner & Still BWP Rookie Division Champion: Troy McCarthy

BWP Rookie Division Tag Team Championship Knock-Out Round
The Asylum Vs Ace Jordan & Tommy Hayden
This round never looked good for the young duo of Hayden & Jordan … the brothers grim, aka The Asylum, walked into this match the sure shot favourites, and they proved the bookies right by walking straight out, 6 minutes later, as the victors and the 1st Rookie tag team in the final round of this Championship Tournament!

BWP Rookie Division Tag Team Championship Knock-Out Round
The Bear & The Irish Thug Vs ‘Mr No Fear’ Ry Lloyd & Squirt
Talk about defying the odds and proving that ‘size isn’t everything’ … Ry Lloyd & Squirt took one hell of a beating from one of the largest teams in Britannia Wrestling Promotions, The Bear & The Irish Thug, but they kept coming back and refused to stay down no matter what!  Ry Lloyd sustained severe damage to his back courtesy of the gigantic team, but still managed to climb up top to hit his Senton Splash finish to get himself & Squirt into the final round of the BWP Rookie Division Tag Team Championship Tournament!

BWP Rookie Division Tag Team Championship Final Round
The Asylum Vs ‘Mr No Fear’ Ry Lloyd & Squirt
Before they could even think about celebrating their win in their semi-final round victory, Ry Lloyd & Squirt were attacked by a waiting Asylum!  Targeting straight on Ry Lloyds back and getting rid of Squirt long enough for them to take advantage of a disadvantaged Lloyd, The Asylum did what they do best and picked at the bones left by Bear & Thug, although it has to stated that Lloyd & Squirt tried endlessly to fight back against the rested Asylum brothers, their efforts fell short as The Asylum hit their ‘Shock Treatment’ finisher on Ry Lloyd to be crowned the new, and history making, BWP Rookie Division Tag Team Champions!!

The Rookie Division:Proving Ground 4 show will take place on Saturday 15 February 2014 at Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena (CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK EVENTS PAGE FOR FULL SHOW & MATCH DETAILS)

The Growth of the BWP Rookie Division

BWP Rookie DivisionBritannia Wrestling Promotions introduced a new initiative to our audiences in 2010 when we started the BWP Rookie Division, the concept being that one each show that we held we would invite a couple of Rookie Wrestlers to come along and show us all what they could do.  An inbetween from their training school and Main Event Shows – an opportunity for young wannabe’s and shouldbe’s to gain vital experience in a live show environment.

On Saturday 13 November 2010 BWP Owner, Steve Saxon, unveiled the now instantly recognisable BWP Rookie Division ChampionshipTogan belt to the BWP Faithful in the form of a Rookie Rumble – last man standing would walk away with a title and a place in BWP history, that man was ‘Togan’.

284542_1463382120691_1717642117_711041_4935283_nJust two years later a Rookie Division Match was also voted as 2011 Match of the Year between ‘UltraViolent’ Craig Winters and ‘The Immortal One’ Jacob Israel in their infamous Ffrith Beach Death Match, a match and award that really raised the bar for the BWP Rookie Division.

On 21 July 2012 the Britannia Wrestling Academy opened it’s doors to the world of wannabe wrestlers, this has not only been a much needed facility within the North Wales region for the wrestling community, it also opened doors for the Rookie Division.  The young, enthusiastic and highly motivated trainees would be the injection that the Rookie Division needed.  A whole new crop of fresh faced talent emerged over the course of the first 12 months, something that the BWP Faithful clearly enjoyed seeing.  Slowly but surely the Rookie Division Matches became better, bigger and made more noise than some of the Main Event matches – no matter your level of talent in this business, enthusiasm shines and these Rookies had enthusiasm by the bucket load!

Three years after the original concept of the BWP Rookie Division, Britannia Wrestling Promotions announce that the Rookie Division would be advancing and progressing past occasional matches on BWP Main Event Shows and would gain it’s very own show! Monthly afternoon shows at Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena – the home of Britannia – the BWP Rookie Division:Proving Ground was born!

This coming weekend (Saturday 25 January 2014) will be RD:PG3, our third installment of Rookie action and what a show we have lined up for you.

Pyro_OscuroDebuting at RD:PG3 will be the masked Mexican luchador, El Oscuro as he has been booked to take on the former BWP Rookie Division Champion & 2013 Rookie of the Year, ‘The Japanese Sensation’ Pyro!


A Fatal 4Way Match pitting Dave DelVecchio, Dan Evans, Springbok Matthews & Demoni to determine the new No1 Contender to the BWP Rookie Division Champion.

The Champ, Troy McCarthy will once again defend his BWP Rookie Division Championship, this time against ladies favourite, Sexxy Kev!

The BWP Rookie Division Tag Team Championships will debut and will be presented to the winning team in the 4 Team Knock-Out Tournament.

The Asylum take on Ace Jordan & Tom Heyden as well as Irish Thug & The Bear taking on Ry Lloyd & Squirt in the opening rounds.  The winners of both will meet in the shows Main Event Match – the winners will, just like Togan did in 2010, go down in BWP history by becoming the 1st ever Rookie Division Tag Team Champions!

The BWP Rookie Division has developed into a reputable and viable showcase of raw British talent – training is essential in order to make it into any sport, but having a live setting where you can put your training and craft to the test before looking to step up into the BWP Main Event shows, or of course any other British Wrestling main shows, has been a massive boost to the BWP Rookies.

We look forward to seeing what they bring to the table in 2014 and how high they set set their own bar!  Well done Rookies, you’re doing us proud.

BWP Annual El Bandito Memorial Tournament – The Full Line-Up Announced

BWP El Bandito Memorial Tournament
Britannia Wrestling Promotions Commissioner, Angel D’Souza, officially announced via Facebook & Twitter tonight (13.01.14) the full line-up for the quarter final rounds of the BWP Annual El Bandito Memorial Tournament to take place at Denbigh Town Hall on Saturday 22 February 2014.

The Commish has really mixed things up with this one, let’s take a look at the opening rounds of this prestigious wrestling tournament:

Dave Delvecchio Vs Damon Leigh
Dave DelVecchio (DDV) Vs ‘Dangerous’ Damon Leigh (DDL)
Both members of The British Lions tag team are not only entered into the same tournament, they are placed in the opening round of the tournament together by the Commissioner!!  Talk about mixing things up!  This match is going to be awkward – very awkward – but both competitors have agreed to the match and will no doubt give it their all to ensure that they are going to make it to the end.  If they are a close duo, friends, then as long as one of them makes it all the way, should it matter which one?

Marc Morgan Vs Dean MacManus
Representing ‘The Pack’ Marc Morgan Vs Dean MacManus 
Not the first time that these two BWP Superstars have met face to face on Britannia soil, Morgan and MacManus have been in many a battle with each other but this time it is the ultimate chance for both guys to propel themselves to the next platform in BWP.  Dean, a former (and the youngest ever) PWI:BWP World Catchweight Champion, Marc a former BWP Rookie Division Champion – both men have been on a role as of late, but only one can advance in the BWP Annual El Bandito Memorial Tournament for a chance to face the Champ, ‘Liverpools No1′ Zack Gibson on Saturday 22 March at Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena!

The Executioner Vs Dylan Roberts
’100% Welsh Beef’ Dylan Roberts Vs The Executioner
2013′s tournament winner, ‘The Beef’ is back to defend his crown, against a man who fairly recently went toe-to-toe with Dylan Roberts, although at the losing end of that particular battle, Roberts did go out of his way to acknowledge the abilities of The Executioner during one of his acceptance speeches at the 5th Annual BWP Awards Bash this past December.  Can the former BWP Rookie Division Champion finally get the big win?  Can he stop the 2013 tournament winner from advancing any further than the opening rounds?

Babyface Pitbull Vs Pyro
The Babyface Pitbull Vs ‘Japanese Sensation’ Pyro
The Babyface Pitbull has been involved in all three BWP El Bandito Memorial Tournaments, each time falling at the latter stages and never being able to add that shield to his list of British Wrestling & BWP credentials!  Pitbull is one of, if not the, most competitive people to ever step into a Britannia Wrestling ring … we are confident that he will do whatever it takes to get the final round, again, but with another Pack member involved in the tournament as well, will we be seeing Pitbull advance, and even win, in typical Pack fashion?  One thing that may stop him is ‘The Japanese Sensation’ Pyro – this young Rookie has been on fire as of the past 12 months, picking up 2 BWP Rookie Division Championship reigns as well as the BWP Fan Favourite & Rookie of the Year Awards at the Bash last month!

Pyro is on a role … Pitbull is on a mission.  One way or another, this won’t end well!

Tickets for this event can be reserved via or by calling 07713566658 – tickets are £10 Front Row VIP or £6 All Other Seats.  Doors will open at 6.30pm on Saturday 22 February 2014 and the show will commence at 7.30pm.  The show will last for approximately 2 hours.

To join this event on Facebook please visit the following link: BWP Bandito Memorial Tournament @ Denbigh Town Hall

Who Won What & What Went Down At The Bash

Friday 20 December 2013 marked the 5th anniversary of Britannia Wrestling Promotions.  Exactly 5 years from that date the 1st ever BWP show took place at Llandyrnog Village Hall in Denbighshire, North Wales in front of a sold out crowd.  The show was dubbed ‘For One Night Only’ for a reason, BWP Owner & Founder Steve Saxon only intended it to be that way – fast forward 5 years, and Britannia Wrestling Promotions is the leading wrestling promotion in Wales, setting itself aside from other promotions with our ever expanding talent pool of both British and International talent, the entertainment as well as the action and the family atmosphere that our shows, school and events produce.

On Friday 20 December 2013 the BWP Superstars, staff, crew, management and fans all gathered at Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena to celebrate our birthday and to celebrate the amazing year that was 2013!  Here are the list of winners for the year:

’100% Welsh Beef’ Dylan Roberts

Dylan Roberts Vs Jay Lethal

The Babyface Pitbull

Dylan Roberts & Pyro

The Freak Show

‘Japanese Sensation’ Pyro

‘The Infamous’ DJ King

Zack Gibson Cashes In MITB

‘Mr No Fear’ Ry Lloyd

Dave DelVecchio

Lana Austin

Dean MacManus 

The Babyface Pitbull

Most Hated

‘British Wrestling Royalty’ Keith Myatt

Myatt Award

Britannia Wrestling Promotions

Promotion Letter

During the ceremony The Pack secluded themselves to the back of the room, along with World of Sport Legend, ‘Gypsy’ John Kenny and the lovely, Mrs Myatt.  Collectively The Pack scooped several awards and honours that night, on several occasions getting into a heated confrontation with ’100% Welsh Beef’ Dylan Roberts & Pyro who were sat stage-side.  Head Referee Max Davies was forced to interject on all occasions, however heated words between The Pack & Dylan and Pyro were exchanged as well as shoving and pushing.  We apologise to any nearby spectators who may have been offended by these actions, however nobody was hurt in the process and situations such as these are to be expected in such an environment.

We have also heard that The Babyface Pitbull was not happy the next morning because he was kept awake all night by people barking outside of his hotel door.  We can neither clarify nor deny this rumour at this time.  Probably true though as Dylan Roberts, Dave DelVecchio, Squirt & Steve Saxon were all staying in the same hotel. ;)



BWP Summer Season 2014

BWP 2014 Summer Season In July 2013 Britannia Wrestling Promotions began it’s first ever Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena Summer Season, weekly Saturday night shows over 5 weeks, kick starting with the BWP Summer Rumble, a massive spectacle that offered it’s fair share of action, energy, entertainment and shocks!  The end of the season finished with BWP Lethal Intentions, starring former TNA & current RoH Superstar, Jay Lethal as he went head to head with ’100% Welsh Beef’ Dylan Roberts in the 2013 Match of the Year.

This year we are doing it all again!  Saturday 26 July 2014 – Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena, North Wales … 5 weeks (possibly more!) of weekly Britannia Wrestling action,  at our home venue!

Britannia Wrestling Promotions run regular shows at Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena (check 2014 show dates here) all year round, at the same unbeatable price, however the Summer Season offers something a little different for our regular, and new fans alike.  We will be kick starting once again with the BWP Summer Rumble – a 30 man over-the-top-rope rumble, last man standing receives a guaranteed title shot at whomever the PWI:BWP World Catchweight Champion is come Saturday 23 August 2014 at BWP Lethal Intentions!  Last year we saw The Babyface Pitbull blatantly cheat a rightful victory from the hands of ‘Liverpools No1′ Zack Gibson, who went all the way from number 1 to the unofficial last man standing!

Who will win this years Summer Rumble?  Will anybody be able to pull off what Zack Gibson pulled off and go all the way from start to finish?




Introducing The New PWI World Tag Team Championships

PWI World Tag Team ChampionshipsFriday 20 December 2014 not only marked the 5th anniversary of Britannia Wrestling Promotions, it marked the night that the BWP Tag Team Championships were retired, which at the time was news to the then-Champions, The Packs Myatt & McConnell, to be replaced by the brand new, and very, very shiny PWI World Tag Team Championships!

As agreed between PWI and BWP Management, it was deemed only right that because the old tag team titles were being made redundant, that the new PWI Tag Champs should be The Pack, this was a decision that shocked the BWP Faithful and Superstars in attendance that night mainly due to the hostile relationship between The Pack and BWP Owner & Founder, Steve Saxon.  We caught up with the boss man himself after the Awards Bash to grab these words from him:

‘I understand that some people may be confused as to why I would agree to award the new PWI Tag Team IMAG0568Championships to Keith [Myatt] & Ciaran [McConnell], it’s simple really – personally I think they are a pair of backstabbing *****, professionally however they get the job done, they entertain the fans in their own unique way and they were the BWP Tag Team Champions with good reason.  I’m confident that they’ll defend their new titles in the right way’ …. Steve Saxon then walked off laughing.

IMAG0566The new PWI World Tag Team Championship belts were designed specifically for use here in Great Britain, although they can be defended and challenged for anywhere in the world at Pro-Wrestling International promotions.  The old school British multiple side plates, gold chains and red lined leather is a credit to the designer and belt maker who managed to achieve the British feel to the belts.

We here at Britannia Wrestling Promotions would like to thank the team at Pro-Wrestling International for their latest addition to the Championship ranks, along with the current PWI:BWP World Catchweight Championship, the new World Tag titles will be right at home here on British soil.  Hopefully where they will remain for many years to come, with or without The Pack!

Is 2014 The Year Of The Pack

The PackpackSaturday 17 August 2013, the night that The Babyface Pitbull ended his 12 month absence as the PWI:BWP World Catchweight Champion as he defeated the then-Champ, ’100% Welsh Beef’ Dylan Roberts … but not without controversy, lots and lots of controversy!

For 12 months The Pitbull, along with Manager Baz-Mac, had been planning and plotting the night that would see The Babyface Pitbull regain his precious Championship, but nobody could have expected what went down on that Saturday night at Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena as ‘The Pack’ was formed!

In order to beat Dylan Roberts, it took 5 men … Pitbull, Baz-Mac, Marc Morgan, Ciaran McConnell and, most shocking of all, Keith Myatt!  As a hooded Morgan entered the ring and took Roberts out with a steel chair, McConnell & Myatt (having competed earlier in the night in tag action) stormed to the ring chasing off Pitbull, Baz & Morgan, standing over a beaten, but not yet defeated Dylan Roberts.  With his ‘friends’ by his side, Roberts scrambled to his feet to finish the job he had started, only to be hit with a double DDT onto the steel chair by McConnell & Myatt!!  As the BWP Faithful were left in total stunned silence and Baz-Mac revived the referee, Myatt & McConnell dragged Pitbull on top of ’100% Welsh Beef’ as the insult.  Ladies & gentlemen, your new PWI:BWP World Catchweight Champion for the 3rd time, The Babyface Pitbull!

Although Pitbulls 3rd reign only lasted 7 days thanks to ‘Liverpools No1′ Zack Gibson successfully returning to cash in his MITB contract inside the 15ft solid steel cage, Pitbulls Pack is most certainly not beaten.  Far from it.  Lets take a look at each member of The Pack and what they bring to the table for the most dangerous group ever to run on Britannia Wrestling soils.

The Babyface Pitbull
The Babyface PitbullTrained in more aspects of mixed martial arts than most UFC fighters, trained by Team Taz Dojo NY and one of the most decorated Superstars not only in Britannia Wrestling Promotions history, but in British Wrestling history too!  Multiple award winner over numerous years and one of the longest standing BWP Superstars ever.  Pitbull has done it all, more or less, here at Britannia Wrestling.  His epic battles with ‘The Juice’ CJ Banks stemming over 18 months were some of the best matches ever to take place at BWP.

Once the fan favourite with the BWP Faithful for a very long time, before aligning himself with his best friend and Manager, Baz-Mac – confessing that it was time for Pitbull to think about Pitbull.  No more smiles and photographs with the BWP fans, unless they are willing to pay for the ‘privilege’.  Pitbull has proven that he can win match after match against any opponent and do so in style with class, these days you would find it difficult to find a single ounce of class as his amended in-ring style shows no remorse nor restraint, and certainly no respect.

Pitbull started The Pack for a reason, we don’t believe that regaining the PWI:BWP World Catchweight Championship was the sole reason last August, we think that the best (or worst!) is yet to come, but what?  And why?

Baz-MacFirst stepping into a BWP ring to orchestrate his new client breaking the shoulder of BWP Owner & Founder, Steve Saxon, Baz-Mac started as he intended to go on.

The lifelong friend & training partner of The Babyface Pitbull, Baz-Mac has had his eye on Britannia Wrestling Promotions for some time, picking the best time to not only appear but to strike.  Since he took over the Pitbulls contract here in BWP Baz-Mac also found himself with a very lucrative position handed to him by now-former General Manager, Sean Aston.  Baz was the Assistant GM throughout the entire BWP 2013 Summer Season, an opportunity to push his Pitbull up and to hold everybody else down!

Baz-Mac is a shrewd, but smart businessman, decked out in designer suits, Italian shoes and Rolex watches, Baz-Mac oozes success, but what kind of success is he now looking for, not just for the Babyface Pitbull, for his other Pack members?  Although to most The Pack is Pitbulls baby, most people in the locker room are fully aware that this is indeed Baz-Macs brain child, and Baz-Mac doesn’t do anything unless there is something big involved, for him!

Marc Morgan
The 2012 Rookie of the Year certainly made sure that people remembered his name in 2013!  Ironically, most of 2013 was spent battling with fellow Pack member, Keith Myatt.  They battled from venue to venue across North Wales for months, from straight one-on-one contests to Street Fights, even a Hair Vs Career match that saw the long, blond locks that once blessed Morgans head be shaved clean off in the centre of the ring in Penyffordd, Flintshire!  To Marc Morgan, people may have laughed at him, may have boo’d and heckled him as he visciously beat up Keith Myatt month after month, but they were not going to forget his name!

Why did Morgan join The Pack?  We can only assume that following his loss to Myatt and the loss of his hair, Morgan went on a bit of a downward spiral, picking up very few victories in the months to follow.  Perhaps The Pack was an opportunity for Marc Morgan to get back up to the spotlight and to prove that he is, as a lot have dubbed him, one of the stars of the future.  Maybe Morgan wants his future, now?

Already we have seen the young Superstar come to Pitbulls aid during the impromptu MITB Steel Cage Match at BWP Lethal Intentions, putting his own body on the line in an effort to save

his bosses Championship and reputation.  Fast forward to November and we saw both Morgan and Pitbull in the final round of a BWP Knock Out Parade – possibly the biggest opportunity of Morgans life and he decided to lay down and allow The Babyface Pitbull to pin him, 1-2-3 for the win, Morgans response was that of joy at what he had done for his boss.

Without a doubt, Marc Morgan is one of the most talented individuals in British Wrestling, but will this new outlook on life combined with the high profile lifestyle he now sustains, project Morgan forward, or hold him back?

Lana Austin
Lana AustinThe BWP 2013 Female of the Year – Lana Austin.  Easy on the eye and can kick some serious butt.  Introduced to Britannia Wrestling Promotions 12 months ago as the girlfriend of The Babyface Pitbull, throughout the course of 2013 she slowly put herself in the midst of the mayhem and action by taking on other woman AND men!  She has beaten BWP Trainer, Alex Pownall, Head Referee, Max Davies and, quite ironically, Marc Morgan (who took too much pleasure in wearing one of Lana’s dresses following his loss!), of course she has also beaten the likes of Nixon, Porsche and TigerLilly as well, always with an impressive arsenal of moves and a unique style, Lana Austin seems to be able to hold her own.

Her boyfriend, The Pitbull, clearly calls all shots though.  Its a rare occasion when Lana is not too far behind Pitbull, whether at ringside, backstage or out and about, the two are inseparable.  How does Lana fit into The Pack and what is her role?  She has proven that she has what it takes to be a BWP Superstar, but is this what she wants?  Is it what the Babyface Pitbull and The Pack want?

Ciaran McConnell
Ciaran McConnellDuring the ‘Babyface Pitbull Appreciation Night’ ceremony, BWP Owner & Founder Steve Saxon crashed the party and told The Pack what he thought of them (and ending Baz-Macs Summer Season Assistant GM role!), as the Sax Man said himself, McConnell turning his back on the BWP Faithful was one of the biggest shocks of them all.  Even the boss man didn’t see it coming!  McConnell was one of Steve Saxons closest friends in and out of this business.  A close family friend who only really wrestled for Britannia Wrestling Promotions due to his responsibilities to his own company, Infinite Promotions (of which Steve Saxon helped McConnell to start up, apparently) – Ciaran always stated that BWP was his home and was very close to his heart.  In an interview conducted in June, McConnell suggested that maybe he was tired of ‘being there’ for Steve Saxon whenever he needed someone to feed to his top tier guys, maybe McConnell was fed up of being considered, by some, to be there solely due to his friendship with Saxon?

Since hooking up with The Pack, more noteably Keith Myatt, Ciaran McConnell picked up his 2nd BWP Tag Team Championship title (the 1st being with Corey E as the ‘Classic Combo’) very quickly.  He was then awarded, along with Myatt, the PWI World Tag Team Championships at the BWP 5th Annual Awards Bash in December.  Was it a good move for Ciaran to give up everything and everybody that he ever believed in to run with a group of fame, fortune and power hungry ego’s?  It certainly looks like he made a good ‘business’ decision at least.

Keith Myatt
Keith Myatt‘British Wrestling Royalty’ Keith Myatt – the current reigning PWI World Tag Team Champion with his good buddy, Ciaran McConnell.  Keith Myatt has been working the British Wrestling circuit for over 30 years, often referencing his World of Sport and Reslo days, Myatt has run with the biggest dogs ever to be known in this country – now it seems, he is ready to run with another dog, The Pitbull!

Steve Saxon noted that if it wasn’t for the likes of Myatt there would be no Steve Saxon and there certainly would be no Britannia Wrestling Promotions.  Keith Myatt took the young Saxon rookie under his wing over 15 years ago and remained a close personal friend ever since, although Saxon didn’t seem that surprised by Myatts business decision.  Keith is used to doing whatever it takes in this business to remain relevent and on top – the fact he is still going strong after 30+ years proves that fact.  Keith Myatt is merely looking out for himself, ensuring that he gets another few years out of one of the number 1 promotion in Wales.

However, fair warning to The Pack – this isn’t the first time that Keith Myatt has turned to underhand tactics to save his own spot on a roster, over the years he has turned back and forth to whatever is the most favorable position within a company to make sure he is that main stay, if he did it to a lifelong friend and the boss, Steve Saxon, then whats to say he wouldn’t do it again to, say, The Pack?

So there you have it – The Pack – the past, present & future of British Professional Wrestling – but who’s next?  Is there anybody next?  Will The Pack be looking at hiring in extra talent to further strengthen and advance their numbers?  Or are they happy with their current roster of Stars?  Only time will tell – but for now, let’s here what you have to say on these matters?

BWP Champions Ball – The Results

BWP Champions Ball Results

BWP Champions Ball was the brainchild of General Manager, Mr Sean Aston, as one of his first actions as GM in November 2012, Aston took it upon himself to provide the BWP Faithful with a supershow that they would never forget … it goes without saying that he more than delivered!

Prestatyn Ffrith Beach Arena was sold out and packed to the rafters as the North Wales crowds gathered in their hundreds to witness 5 action packed contests, all with major implications for the winners.

The winner of this Battle Royale would advance from the Britannia Wrestling Academy and be signed exclusively to the BWP Rookie Division. All trainee’s were in the ring – the only way to win was to eliminate each and every member of the Academy over the top rope and to the arena floor.

The Winner & New BWP Rookie: Ace Jordan

Marc Morgan entered this match more or less blind – GM Sean Aston did not announce who his opponent would be prior to the match – as the Champ looked on at the Ffrith Beach entrance set to discover who his opponent would be, out came Japanese Sensation, Pyro! The masked Japanese Superstar flew to the ring, much to the delight of the BWP Faithful.

The Winner & New BWP Rookie Division Champion: Pyro

We look forward to seeing a lot more from the NEW Rookie Champion in the coming weeks and months – his arsenal of aerobatic moves and flamboyancy will make for further excellent viewing!

The Blackpool Blonds, The Hunter Brothers, The Knights of the Squared Circle & British Born Steele & Damian Dunne (Dunne replaced an injured Ryan Smile as a last minute decision by General Manager, Sean Aston).

What an absolute epic tag team match – the BWP Faithful had no time to rest during this match, that’s for sure! BBS & Dunne were eliminated first, shortly followed by the Hunter Brothers leaving the Blonds and KotSC as the final 2 remaining teams. It looked like the Blonds would have the victory, and Championships, in the bag before Sir Dean MacManus KO’d JD James Drake over the skull with one of the Tag Team belts, before the referee knew what was going on he made the 3 count and declared the Knights of the Squared Circle the NEW BWP Tag Team Champions!!

The Winners & New BWP Tag Team Champions: Lord Graham Thomas & Sir Dean MacManus, The Knights of the Squared Cirlce

Three of the absolute best of British Wrestling were locked inside a 15ft solid steel cage to determine who would be the Money In The Bank winner! From the moment the cage door was padlocked, these 3 modern day gladiators went at it hard! Each man attempting to escape over the top and through the door on numerous occasions, each man almost making it before being dragged back into the steel hell by one of their opponents.

As Gibson was laid out of the canvas, CJ Banks went for the rafters – Pitbull went for the door (being unlocked and held open by his Manager, Baz-Mac) but out of nowhere came ‘Liverpools No1′ Zack Gibson as he somehow managed to topez through the middle rope, over Pitbull (who was hanging half out of the door at this point), straight through the door taking out Baz-Mac and landing both of his feet on the arena floor to pick up the win, MUCH to the delight of the BWP crowd!

The Winner & New MITB Winner: ‘Liverpools No1′ Zack Gibson

As the steel cage was being dismantled in preparation for the Main Event featuring the PWI:BWP World Catchweight Championship, the Champ, Cyanide, abruptly made his way to the ring with his title in one hand and a BWP microphone in the other, demanding that the ring technicians ‘step away from the cage’. Cyanide manhandled two of the ring crew, tossing them up against the side of the cage and forcing the remaining crew to step aside. Cyanide then entered the cage and informed the BWP Faithful that he wants a cage match where Dylan Roberts can not escape or run off, with that said he demanded BWP Referee, Max Davies, enter the ring to start the match!

In a complete twist of fate, the 2nd Steel Cage Match of the night was about to take place! Britannia Wrestling Promotions sure know how to treat their fans! ;) Following their encounter back in January in Penyffordd, both of these men were absolutely no stranger to each other. Dylan Roberts won the right to be in that match last month when he went through Zack Gibson, CJ Banks and The Babyface Pitbull in the BWP El Bandito Memorial Tournament, but nothing could have prepared him to be thrown into an impromptu cage match against the 28 stone monster!

Back and forth the action went – both men trying to utilise the confides of the steel cage to their own advntage, sometimes it paid off, sometimes it did more damage than good – one thing is for sure, neither man was going to go down without the fight of their life!

As Cyanide looked to have Dylan Roberts down for the count – the Prestatyn crowd heckled and taunted the ‘Toxic Terror’ into going to the TOP of the steel cage to set up for a MOONSAULT!!! The crowds looked on in complete shock as the most talented big man in British Wrestling scaled the 15ft structure … only for Roberts to nip straight up onto the top with him and lock in a death defying German Suplex from the top of the cage, a move that shook the entire ring, cage and venue!! The audience were deafening, screaming for Dylan to make that final pinfall … 1 … 2 … 3!!! He did it, against all odd’s, ’100% Welsh Beef’ Dylan Roberts is your NEW PWI:BWP World Catchweight Champion!!!



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