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Charity Show Results 28.01.12


‘The Juice’ CJ Banks (c) Vs The  Babyface Pitbull

The opening bout of the evening was for the big one as current Champion CJ Banks squared off with former Champ the Pitbull in what was set to be a classic encounter until both Superstars were visciously attacked by The Brand before a winner could be determind.  The Brand took out both Champion and Challenger before informing the crowd that they were once again taking over the evenings proceedings and would be taking the charity proceeds with them!  BWP Owner Steve Saxon took clear exception to these actions as he put The Brand in a BWP Tag Team Championship Match later that night against none other than the two men they had just attacked – CJ Banks and The Babyface Pitbull!!  Saxon also stated that in the interest of fairness, he would appoint a Special Guest Referee who would be impartial, fair and would not be afraid to ‘slap the smirks from off The Brands faces if they stepped out of line’ – that Special Guest Referee, was himself – Steve Saxon!!  The Brand were left seething, and Banks and Pitbull were left a little beat up and even more so confused.

Steve Saxon also announced that Pitbull and Banks would get their opportunity to finish their fight on Saturday 03 March at BWP Fight Night as it would be The Babyface Pitbull Vs CJ Banks in a PWI:BWP World Catchweight Championship rematch!

Winner of the Match: No Contest – therefore still PWI:BWP World Catchweight Champion ‘The Juice’ CJ Banks

ciarandeanDean MacManus Vs ‘Classic’ Ciaran McConnell

Seeking retaliation for his tag team partners injury at the hands of The Brands Dean MacManus several months ago, Ciaran McConnell took it to the big man with the army of fans behind him.  Dean MacManus is no easy task for any man though, and on a couple of occassions looked to have the victory clenched, until a mistake from Dean allowed the Classic one to quickly, and cleverly, lock in the figure 4 leg lock to his nemesis forcing MacManus to utter those words ‘I quit’.

Winner of this Match: ‘Classic’ Ciaran McConnnell

Craig Winters (c) Vs Marc Morgan

The ‘Ultra Violent’ Craig Winters defended his Rookie Division Championship against the debuting Marc Morgan who put on an impressive display of speed, agility and guts against the down and out tramp that is Craig Winters.  Morgan battle through the stench of Ultra Violence and put the Champ on his back on numerous occasions, even threatening Winters to the point that he thought that he was losing grip of his prescious Championship belt – and ended the match on his terms, with a stiff running kick to the balls of Marc Morgan – intentionally carried out in front of referee Des Robinson who immediately disqualified the Rookie Champion, meaning that he retained the title and was about to leave Saltney Tavern a happy man – until Steve Saxon made an apperance once again – not a happy Owner at all!  Saxon declared that he was ‘sick and tired’ of Winters attitude as of late, and he would not allow this controversy to continue – Saxon then apologised to the referee for over ruling his DQ decision, because Saxon then ordered the match to restart as a No Holds Barred match!

An irate Craig Winters and his valet Stacey Rose dragged themselves back to the ring – Winters heckled the BWP Owner before laying out Marc Morgan with the Rookie Division Championship belt as a reluctant Des Robinson made the 3 count!  Craig Winters laughed in the face of Steve Saxon and prepared to make his way back to the locker room – but a seething Steve Saxon was not going to have ‘that kind of scum’ in his locker room, and kicked Winters and Rose out of the front door of Saltney Tavern to the freezing Welsh weather!

The Winner of the Match: Craig Winters – still BWP Rookie Division Champion     

joeyzackZack Gibson Vs Joey Starr

This match was everything it was expected to be on paper, and some!  Joey Starr and Zack Gibson are without a doubt two of the best Wrestlers in Britain at the moment, both with big futures in this business.  They locked up together with more or less equal stats and records and they gave the live crowd their money’s worth of action in their match alone!  Back and forth, hard hitting, adrenaline fueled action throughout – Joey had the Saltney crowd behind him from the offset as Gibson paraded to the ring to the sounds of You’ll Never Walk Alone, clad in his Liverpool FC attire – making it known to the majority of Man Utd fans present that he was overjoyed with the earlier football result between the two Northern teams (Liverpool beat Man Utd 2-1).

Although Joey’s efforts were admirable and hard fought, they were not enough to keep down Zack Gibson who managed to hit his patented ‘Soccer Kick’ to Starr’s face for the 1-2-3.

The Winner of the Match: Zack Gibson

Jim ‘The Metal’ King & Immortal Yidster Vs The Wild Boys

Best friends Jim ‘The Meta’ King and The Immortal Yidster set to go 2-on-2 against The Wild Boys – but before the wrestling action went down, Yidster had a challenge for his opponents, in the form of a dance off!  The Saltney crowd cheered, applauded and laughed at the not so smooth moves that the Immortal one pulled out of the bag – and I think that every single person in the venue were gobsmacked by the double-act dance moves from The Wild Boys, clearly not the first time that they had  been in that position!

When  the match finally started the vast experience of tag team wrestling immediately gave Dylan Roberts and Danny Valentine the upper hand and they made a number of quick tags back and forth to stay on top of Yidster and King.  Then, as Jim King seemed to have control of the match having taken down both Wild Boys with a series of lethal knee and kick strikes, there seemed to be a little miscommunication between Yidster and Jim King as King hit the ropes to perform his final Mafia Kick finish, Yidster was on the outside apron and both fan favourites clashed heads – sending Yidster flying to the venue floor and took the wind out of the sails of The Metal long enough for the Wild Boys to take advantage and get a sneaky 3 count for the win!

Following the match King and Yidster were seen to be having words in the ring as The Wild Boys strutted their stuff back to the locker room.  As all seemed to be sorted and forgiven between the Immortal Yidster and his best friend Jim King, The Metal delivered a knock out mafia kick to Yidster, ripped his yellow vest off him and screamed in his face that ‘I do not wear your stupid clothes or come to the ring to your stupid music’ – the shocked fans and BWP crew members looked on completely stunned as Jim removed his trademark Captain armband and rammed it into his apparently former best friends face as he left the ring to a chorus of boo’s and hiss’s.

Winners of the Match: The Wild Boys

The Brand (c) Vs CJ Banks & The Babyface Pitbull
Special Guest Referee: Steve Saxon

In a match that Steve Saxon set at the opening of the evening, CJ Banks and Babyface Pitbull were forced to try and forget their differences for a short time to try and take down The Brand and ‘bring home the gold’ as Saxon stated.  The Brand could not be prepared for a match of this calibre, having to defend their titles against two of the purest and finest wrestlers in Great Britain today, The Brand must have laid their hopes on Pitbull and Banks crumbling from within.  Another upset before the bell was rung was that Steve Saxon ordered ‘the little skank’ Stacey Rose to be banned from ringside along with all other Brand members – as the chant of ‘skank’ echoed the through the venue, Miss Rose fled Saltney leaving her Tag Team Champions looking rather annoyed.

The Brand worked as a close unit as always, zoning in on their opponents and keeping them grounded – as best as they could on this instance – CJ Banks and Pitbull, although on the same team were far from on the same page.  They blind tagged each other in and out of the ring throughout the entire match, visually and audibly taunting each other as they set to trying to bring down the mighty Brand combo.  The Brand took advantage of the fact that CJ Banks and Babyface Pitbull could not, or would not, work together – individually both fighters tried to take down The Brand – a task that is near impossible for any individual man, slowly The Brand picked away at their opponents … until a arrogant Cyanide took his eye off the ball for a split second as he prepared to hit a Toxic-Bomb on Pitbull from the middle rope – Pitbull siezed this window of opportunity and locked Cyanide into a earth moving powerbomb!!  The ring shook as the 25 stone Tag Team Champion crashed down upon it, the fans were going crazy for Pitbull to make the winning pin – but then out of knowehere CJ Banks hit his running knee finisher on his tag team partner and at the same time landing on top of Cyanide in a senton splash – with Pitbull thrust to the outside and DJ King laid out on the venue floor all that was remaining to do was for Des Robinson to hit the 1-2-3 count!!!  The PWI:BWP World Catchweight Champion CJ Banks and the 2011 Wrestler of the Year The Babyface Pitbull are the NEW BWP Tag Team Champions in an amazing twist of fate!!!

CJ Banks grabbed his newly won Tag Team Championship title, along with his Catchweight title and left his tag team partner in the ring a little upset over what CJ had done to him, but non-the-less happy to once again be holding BWP gold!  It will be interesting to see the Tag Team Champions battle it out once more on 03 March at BWP Fight Night for CJ’s PWI:BWP World Catchweight Championship!

The Winners of this Match: CJ Banks & The Babyface Pitbull – NEW BWP Tag Team Champions

At the end of the match a furious DJ King cornered Steve Saxon and was about to strike his boss – not a wise move – however Steve Saxon (a former wrestler for almost 15 years) managed to avoid Kings left hook, and delivered a knockout enziguri to the former Tag Team Champion before leaving the ring to a huge ovation.

Every Britannia Wrestling Promotions Superstar on hand hit the ring for the rumble Main Event.  Immediately Cyanide vented his frustrations by powerbombing, slamming and pumbling the young Rookies before several BWP Superstars managed to topple the big man over the top rope to the venue floor!  Now the big risk was gone, the Superstars battled it out to claim the honour of being the last man standing.  15 minutes later there were just two men remaining, in another twist of fate it would be Joey Starr and Zack Gibson!  The crowd were red hot behind Starr who delivered a series of hard hitting finishers on Gibson, finished off by a lovely Peoples Elbow – Zack Gibson looked as if he didn’t know which country he was in as he managed to scramble back to his feet – jelly-legged and dazzled by the moves of Joey Starr – Joey paraded around the ring waiting for Gibson to find his bearings, and as soon as he did, Joey Starr tossed Zack Gibson over the top rope and down to the venue floor for the win!

The Winner of the Match: Joey Starr

Tommy Gunn, reloading


Britannia Wrestling Promotions Fan Favourite of the Year 2010 AND 2011, ‘Rapid Fire’ Tommy Gunn is notorious for his high flying, high impact and high octane arsenal of moves inside the wrestling ring, a BWP Original and a much loved and respected member of the British Wrestling community.  Tommy’s desire, will and passion shine forthmost in all of his matches – the respect shown towards him from his fans is clearly returned by the young fighter as he continues to put his body, and life, on the line night after night, dazzling every crowd in every town across the UK with his high risk daredevil style – at some point, Tommy Gunn was destined to break.

‘I sustained my injury at the start of 2011 doing a wrestling show and ever since that show my shoulder hasn’t been right since.  I worked with it all of last year working around the injury and was visiting my surgeon, Mr Turner, constantly checking up on it.’ Tommy explained to BWP Admin.

I had a MRI Scan about mid April confirming that my shoulder didn’t have some bone where the ball & socket joint is & that I would have physio first & if nothing improves from that, It needed surgery.
Literally, after the physio, I knew it wasn’t getting any better & it needed something done so once I did my last show on the 27th Nov, 2weeks after roughly, I had a cancellation date for the 13th Dec to have the surgery.
The operation procedure was some sort of Key Hole surgery first to look in the area what needed to be done & then ‘Open Reduction & Internal Fixation to Right Shoulder with some Bone Graft to the Iliac Crest (Hip)’. The surgery took nearly 4 hours & I went down at 9am & got back to my ward at 2:45pm.
I was in hospital for 3days 4nights hooked to morphine for the first 48 hours due to the procedure I under went etc.


The photo’s that are attached are me the day before I left on the 15th, the X rays the day after surgery, the stitching on my shoulder & hip aswell as the scars sustained after the stitches.
As for possibly my return to the ‘squared circle’ by the very end of April at the latest depending on how my physio goes etc & seeing my surgeon to discharge me.
I hope this is enough for you dude :-)
Speak soon Boss.
Tommy underwent an MRI scan in April 2011, the scan confirmed that there was missing bone from his ball and socket joint of his right shoulder - physiotherapy was prescribed in order to establish if Tommy would be able to work with the injury or not but after several months of intense physio it was decided that it did indeed require surgery, surgery that Mr Turner insisted that Tommy proceed with, or the repercussions would be serious.  A reluctant Gunn signed for the surgery and the waiting game was on.In true Tommy Gunn fashion he would not let this injury, regardless of its severity, stop him from working on the wrestling shows that he has pre-booked with promoters, he worked up until 27 November 2011, working around the injury as best as he could whilst still ensuring that his fans left happy.

At 9:00am on Tuesday 13 December Tommy prepared for a long enduring operation – first of all key hole surgery that would investigate the missing shoulder bone closer, followed by open reduction and internal fixation of his right shoulder, with a bone graft being done from Tommy’s hip to replace the missing bone in his right shoulder.  After 4 hours of surgery, Tommy was stitched up, cleaned up and returned to his room where he was continuously monitored and connected to a morphine supply for 48 hours, a further 2 days later Tommy was given the all clear to return home to his relieved and delighted family.

3Tommy is still in the long and enduring recovery process in order to get his shoulder back to full strength – but Tommy is adamant that he will be back – refreshed, revitalised and ready to hand out more arse kickings – Tommy Gunn style!   ‘I hope to be back in the squared circle by the end of April’ Gunn stated ‘but thats all down to medical clearance – but I’m ready’.

From all at Britannia Wrestling Promotions, friends, fans, followers and family – we wish Tommy a speedy and successful recovery and look forward to seeing him chasing the gold on Britannia Wrestling turf very, very soon!

Steve Saxon Addresses RWA In Person


Yesterday I visited the Grangeway Community Centre, home of Runcorn Wrestling Academy, and am very pleased that I did.  I’d never attended an RWA training session before, although have attended many RWA shows over the past 2 years, it was a visit to observe, scout and officially announce in person to the RWA trainee’s about everybody’s future following the announcement that RWA will be the official training school of Britannia Wrestling.

There was a great buzz about the training school and lots of activity, the venue was split into three sections, two ring sized floor mats and the RWA training ring – each of the three head trainers, Corey E, the Babyface Pitbull and World of Sport Legend ‘Gypsy’ John Kenny, trained different techniques, moves, bumps, etc to three groups of trainee’s that were grouped based on age and experience, each group rotated ensuring that everybody had ample time with each trainer and on each lesson.  The professionalism of the whole school is excellent, everybody works together to collectively hold one of the best training sessions that I have ever witnessed in this business.

I then addressed the trainee’s, informing them that Britannia Wrestling Promotions will continue to work with Runcorn Wrestling Academy as we have done for over 2 years, one of the only changes being that I will be attending their weekly training sessions to observe their constant development.  I also informed them that the RWA Head Trainers and I will work together to decide which of the trainee’s will take part in the RWA/BWP Crossover Match at RWA Night of Memories 7 on Saturday 04 February 2012 – the winner of  the match will be officially signed to the BWP Rookie Division – right there, in the RWA ring on 04 February.

It was a great experience to witness two of my former Champions working hard with their trainee’s – Pitbull and Corey are both perfect examples of the positive connection between both RWA and BWP, the respect and commitment that is reflected between both trainer and trainee is distinctly apparent.

It was also great to see John Kenny working closely with the trainee’s and passing on his infinite gems of advice and knowledge of this business onto them.  He’s still got it.

I look forward to returning to RWA next weekend and witnessing another training session that is promised, as always, to be completely different to the previous one.  My visit this week certainly confirmed that there are great things ahead for both Runcorn Wrestling Academy and Britannia Wrestling Promotions.

- Steve Saxon

An Interview With Ryan Kift


Britannia Wrestling Promotions (BWP): We are here today with a film producer and TV personality as well as being the voice of Britannia Wrestling Promotions, Mr Ryan Kift … thanks for taking the time out to speak with us today Kifty, we know how busy you are at the moment with your latest horror film Zombies from Ireland … hows that going?

Ryan Kift (RK): Always got time for you guys! Things are really getting exciting at the moment with our first edit of the film nearly complete. We are working on a trailer now and can’t wait for people to finally get a taste of it!

BWP: When do you expect is to have its premiere showing? And where will that be?

RK: We are looking at a summer release and the premiere will be at an old court house transformed into a party venue. We shot 2 of our scenes there. The zombie jail scene and the Stripper scene. The venue is in Blaenau Ffestiniog and is called CellB.

BWP: That sounds great, we can not wait for the premiere of it!  How does producing a horror film and working for S4C TV compare to working with Britannia Wrestling Promotions?

RK: Not too dissimilar really. A common thread that entwines the three is the need and desire to please an audience. I really do think that that is the key to working in either TV, producing films and dealing with people on set etc and ring -announcing/commentating for BWP. If you can’t communicate and make a crowd believe in you and what you are saying then it’s already over with. The same for TV and films.

BWP: Well said.  Since your debut as the new Britannia Wrestling Promotions  Announcer at Denbigh Town Hall last September how do you feel things are going in Britannia Wrestling at present?

RK: Obviously things have improved since I’m on board, the shows run smoother and are more slick. But I also feel that the roster and the wrestling has upped a gear. I urge anyone to go to any other wrestling show anywhere in the UK run by another company and I bet my favourite hat that it won’t be a patch on a BWP show, bang for your buck and wrestling fix.

BWP: We love your expressions Kifty, thats one of the things that puts you so over with the fans!  Of course another Welsh Connection debuted at that same Denbigh show alongside you, star of Zombies from Ireland, Supermodel and S4C TV Star, Miss Sian Davies … who just so happens to be your partner (in crime) as well. Sian add’s a little more sex appeal to the Britannia Wrestling as our Ring Girl, will we ever see her clan a little more lycra than usual and get involved in the in-ring action? BWP could do with some female wrestlers to mix things up a little don’t you think?

RK: Now theres a thought! You will have to ask Sian that question. She has been beating up neighbours and ass kicking lately and that’s just cause they stole her parking space! Which is not really her space as it is infront of her fave shops in town!!

BWP: A question we will certainly ask her directly!  You were present at the Awards Ceremony last month in Chester, what is your opinion on the Award winners that night? Did any of your picks come through?

RK: It’s all a bit hazy but a few of my choosen ones did win so I was pleased. Everyone who won did deserve it as I myself had trouble in deciding as the roster has been pumping this year!

BWP: We agree, we found it hard to vote last year as well, which is a massive compliment to the Superstars and staff of BWP.  What has been the highlight of your short time so far in Britannia Wrestling Promotions, and why?

RK: Ring announcing and introducing El Generico during his title match at Frith Beach against Pitbull. This was my second time ever with BWP and the expression “In at the deep-end” was never more suitable.

BWP: Steve Saxon is notorious for throwing people in at the deep end, he swears by it!  Who do you see as being the ones to watch and breakout stars of 2012 for Britannia Wrestling?

RK: Zack Gibson really shines when he is in the ring at the moment so watch out for some big things from him! Also I think that this could be the year that The Hammer smashes it and dominates the scene, only if he wants it bad enough though as there are a lot of hungry newbies out for his blood!

BWP: Great choices there! Kifty, its been an absolute pleasure as always … thanks again for your time, say ‘Hi’ to Sian for us and can not wait to see the premiere of Zombies from Ireland! Diolch!

RK: It’s been fun. Thanks and no problem, like I said, always got time for BWP. And remember “If you can’t stand the heat, put some factor 30 spf on and take regular sips of water”
Cymera ofal

RWA – The OFFICIAL Training Partner of Britannia Wrestling Promotions


It gives me great pleasure to announce that Runcorn Wrestling Academy is now the official training partner of Britannia Wrestling Promotions.  This deal allows for greater growth for some of the future talent of the British Wrestling circuit – growth that previous RWA trainees have taken advantage of and have gone onto not only headlining Britannia Wrestling, but working for some of the other reputable British Wrestling companies around today.

We have had a healthy, positive and informal working relationship with Runcorn Wrestling Academy for over 2 years but now we are able to work together on a more professional level, monitoring the students in preparation for their transition through training school ranks into the ranks of the BWP Rookie Division.

On Saturday 04 February 2012 I will be making a special guest appearance at RWA Night of Memories 7, I will be there to announce which RWA trainee’s have been selected to compete in a special match on that very night.  The winner of this match will be handed a Britannia Wrestling Promotions contract inducting them into the BWP Rookie Division with immediate affect!

This transition between companies will allow for greater opportunities for the loyal and dedicated trainee’s of RWA and I for one am greatly looking forward to working with Runcorn Wrestling Academy to produce the next crop of Great British Wrestling talent!

BWP Charity Wrestling Show – 28.01.12 – The Bill


Britannia Wrestling Promotions will be hosting a special Charity Wrestling show in aid of ‘Clic Sargent‘, a charity that helps and supports children with cancer.  All proceeds from this show will go to the charity.

The action will be taking place at Saltney Tavern, Chester on Saturday 28 January 2012.  For further information please visit the SHOWS page of this website or of course the Facebook Events Page (Britannia Wrestling Promotions Charity Wrestling Show).

BWP Founder Steve Saxon has announced the matches for the evening:


‘The Juice’ CJ Banks (c)
The Babyface Pitbull

Craig Winters (c)
Marc Morgan

The Brand (c)
… To Be Announced …

The Wild Boys, Dylan Roberts & Danny Valentine
Jim ‘The Metal’ King & Immortal Yidster

3‘Liverpools No1′ Zack Gibson
Joey Starr

8Dean MacManus
‘Classic’ Ciaran McConnell



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