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EXCLUSIVE: The Brand Guaranteed Places in Tag Team Turmoil II

The Brand exclusively announced on the BWP Forum yesterday that it has been confirmed that two Brand tag teams will be guaranteed places in the forthcoming Championship tournament at BWP Tag Team Turmoil II.

The Brand stated:

BRAND EXCLUSIVE: The Brand have secured two places in Tag Team Turmoil II!

That’s right – two tag teams representing The Brand WILL be involved in the big Championship Tournament. The Brand will update you as to who the tag team members will be in due course.

The Brand – Bringing Home The Gold Since 2010!

The other six tag teams have yet to be announced by the General Manager, but already the tournament looks interesting with the pre-injection of The Brand supporting the mantra of  Strength in Numbers!

BWP Tag Team Turmoil II – Denbigh – Championship Tournament

BWP Tag Team Turmoil returns … and this time its the opportunity for BWP’s No1 tag team to capture gold!

The BWP Tag Team Championship titles will be unveiled as eight of the top BWP tag team combo’s battle it out in a knock out style tournament, all in one night, to be crowned the first ever BWP Tag Team Champions!

The tournament placements are expected to be released by General Manager Sebastian D.Winterz in the coming weeks … following last years sell out Tag Team Turmoil show in Abergele, North Wales, this years show is expected to be yet another sell out, and yet another blockbuster of an event!

Saltney Chester Show – Brand Night

Friday 4th February 2011 – Saltney Tavern, Chester …….. is officially Brand night according to BWP General Manager Sebastian D.Winterz and his ‘consultant’ Rudy Wynne!

With the match bill released … what more does The Brand have in store for the BWP Superstars and BWP Nation?

Only time will tell, but be sure not to miss out on this night of action packed BWP, and Brand, action!

BWP Vault – This Time In BWP History


January 22nd 2010 – Abergele, North Wales – a sold out crowd went wild for the 1st ever innovative idea of BWP Tag Team Turmoil.

All matches, bar the BWP World Catchweight Championship match, were tag team based.  This was the show that shelved current BWP General Manager Sebastian D.Winterz following an attack during his match by ‘The Lethal’ DCB, who seriously injured Sebs shoulder and rendering him unable to finish him match, costing his partner, The G Man (representing The Justice Circle) the win as the 2010 Tag Team of the Year winners Shockwave picked up the victory following an impressive bout.

Also in action was the young duo known as Storm, Element and Demoni – they took on the Word Association, represented by Lord Graham Thomas and Marcus King, with Rudy Wynne at ringside.  The W.A. made light work of the gutsy young duo, and took home a win with ease.

Zack n Jack Attack beat the New TranSiberian Express in a fast paced, high energy match.

Later in the night all tag teams would enter into the Lethal Lottery – where the BWP Nation decided their fate as partners were temporarily separated and forced to team with the enemy in a massive 12 man elimination match.

But before the main event could take place, there was the small matter of the BWP World Catchweight Championship match pitting Champion ‘The Lethal’ DCB Vs Brad Matthews, hand selected by then General Manager Rudy Wynne.  Not only did Rudy hand select his Champions opponent, he also had referee Tom Ball removed from the ring to make way for his own referee, Phil Race.  From start to finish Phil Race favoured the Champ and was hard on the challenger.  Brad Matthews’ only chance of survival, and BWP gold, was to depend on his killer MMA instincts and battle back against all of the odds stacked against him.

In a twist of fate, Phil Race got KO’d, ironically by the hands of DCB, Matthews took his opportunity to open up on the Champ whilst the corrupt ref was down and out and locked in a MMA style rear sleeper.  As DCB was visibly fading at the hands of the MMA fighter, referee Tom Ball stormed back to the ring to take over from Phil Race who was still on the floor, Tom hit the ring just in time to witness DCB tapping out to Brad Matthews!

As the BWP Nation stood and watched in complete shock as Brad Matthews paraded in the ring with his new BWP title, Rudy Wynne interrupted the celebrations informing the BWP Nation and Brad Matthews that Tom Ball was not the officially appointed referee and that Brad Matthews had won the match using an illegal choke move, therefore the match was nil and void – declaring DCB as the winner by disqualification and still BWP World Catchweight Champion!

Following the massive screwjob came the Lethal Lottery match.  All tag team participants from the evenings events entered the ring, minus an injured Seb Winterz who had been replaced by fellow Justice Circle member Jim ‘The Metal’ King.  Referee Tom Ball selected 12 random audience members to select random numbers that would decide which wrestlers would team together in the 12 man elimination match.

The teams were decided at random to be:

Team A
The G-Man
Lord Graham Thomas
Zack Diamond


Team B
Jim ‘The Metal’ King
Marcus King
The Motivator
Jack Lightening
Night Stalker

As friends were separated and enemies for the forced to rally together, this match was full of back and forth action both in the ring an on the aprons!  As team mates refused to get along or co-operate with each other, eliminations came thick and fast.

The end of the match came when the dysfunctional brothers Jim and Marcus King were the final 2 members of Team B – Lord Graham Thomas was the only member remaining on Team A.  Marcus King and LGT were both members of Word Association, Jim and Marcus had an ongoing personal saga that prevented the 2009 Tag Team of the Year winners from working aside each other once more.  Marcus turned on Jim to favour his W.A. team mate, but Jim outsmarted both men, KO’ing Marcus and LGT and then dragging LGT on top of his own partner and brother to have him eliminated!

Jim King and LGT stood nose to nose and battled it out to be crowned the winner of the Lethal Lottery.  It seemed that LGT had the win on a couple of occasions, but Jims massive home crowd support clearly helped to motivate The Metal as he took out his lordship to gain the win, as the last man standing in what was a gruelling and extremely testing main event, and an excellent ending to the innovative Tag Team Turmoil show.

Next month, in Denbigh Town Hall on Saturday 26th February Britannia Wrestling Promotions proudly bring back Tag Team Turmoil II, this time to crown the 1st ever BWP Tag Team Champions in a humungous tag team knockout tournament.



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