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The Brand proudly present to you, the fortunate and privileged dregs of Chester, the opportunity to witness history as we present ‘Brand Night’ to you on Friday 4th  February 2011.

Thats right, our illustrious and committed BWP General Manager Sebastian D.Winterz has not only allowed us this online platform in order to project our vision, he has also granted us an evening of Brand dictated live wrestling!  We promise to deliver you with what you want, and what the BWP Superstars … and those Rookie idiots, deserve!

The Brand

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BWP Awards Bash 2010 – The Results

Last Saturday the Superstars, crew, management, friends and families alike gathered in Rhyl, North Wales to celebrate the BWP’s 2nd birthday, and to present several lucky BWP Superstars with awards acknowledging their efforts, skills, talents and commitment to Britannia Wrestling Promotions throughout 2010.

BWP Founder Steve Saxon spoke to us briefly at the end of the Awards Bash and had this to say:

‘It has been a great evening to cap off an even greater year.  Its good to see the BWP Superstars putting their differences aside for just one night of the year so to collectively celebrate the birthday of Britannia Wrestling Promotions.  2010 has proved to be a successful year for BWP, and we now walk into 2011 with bigger & better plans – things are going to get messy!

BWP has literally grown from strength to strength since December 2008, and I am exceedingly proud of what we have all worked together in making.’

The complete list of Award winners can be found here: BWP AWARDS BASH 2010 RESULTS

Match Focus: BWP World Catchweight Championship Match



Match Summary:

‘The Lethal’ DCB
last month aligned once again with ‘The Word’ Rudy Wynne to form The Brand, withBWP General Manager Sebastian D.Winterz on board it was a certainty that DCB would again capture the BWP title.  The Babyfaced Pitbull beat former Champion Lord Graham Thomas to become the No1 Contender to DCB … although Pitbull and LGT still have issues to settle, Pitbull must now concentrate his time and efforts on overcoming not only DCB to become Champion, but also The Brand.

The General Manager has no say in this match – he may have assisted in the crowning of DCB but fate has played its role and put Pitbull at the top of the BWP pecking order … the only thing any of The Brand members can now do is try and prepare for the tornado of destruction that Pitbull is.

On Saturday 22nd January 2011 these two Superstars will collide for the very first time in BWP history.

Superstar Analysis:

‘The Lethal’ DCB – The Champion is known as ‘The Lethal’ DCB for a reason … he has ended more careers than the recession.  His oldschool and rabid approach to matches combined with his ability to take as much as he gives and keep coming back is a mixture that has proved hard for any BWP Superstar to overcome.

DCB has a great mind, he utilises everything to hand to gain the upper hand … with The Brand likely to be at ringside during this match, DCB will undoubtedly take full advantage of the opportunity of this.  We have seen it time and time before with the masked manic, he has no shame and does not care about what people think about him.  For him, the only issues he has to tend to is to make sure he gets a W in the win/loss records and retains his precious BWP title in the process.

Pitbull needs to watch out for the quick fists, feet and mind of DCB – the Champion has the experience advantage over his opponent, as well as having numbers in his favor.  If ‘The Lethal’ DCB manages to lock in his Gunslinger signature move, then the big dogs day could be cut short very quickly!

Pitbull - This guy is the total package – he is big enough to throw his weight and power about, but compact enough to take advantage of his speed and agility.  The Pitbull has a mixed martial arts background, this combined with his wrestling training makes the Babyfaced Pitbull one of the deadliest competitors in the BWP and a deserving challenger to the BWP title .

He narrowly missed winning the Sure Shot Challenge 5 Man Ladder Match earlier this year, but that didn’t dampen his appetite, if anything it seemed to make the master of the Canine Clutch even more determined and set on winning gold.  Last month he took on Lord Graham Thomas in a No1 Contenders Match resulting in LGT  getting caught out when he ordered his bodyguard Shaun ‘The Hammer’ Davis to attack Pitbull both before and during their match after a frustrating match for the former Champ.  Pitbull may have got to this dance via DQ, but many believe that even if Lord Graham Thomas had not have ordered the despicable attack, Pitbull would have walked away victorious anyway.

Pitbull needs to now concentrate everything he has on this Championship Match – he can not allow LGT nor anybody/anything distract him from his main objective – beating one of the most accomplished Superstars in BWP history!  The Babyfaced Pitbull needs to head into this match understanding that he is facing a unit, not an individual.  DCB stands as the foreman of The Brand – The Brand are programmed to defend their own and they will protect DCB at every given opportunity, Pitbull needs to break down the barriers and then annihilate DCB as quickly as he can and not concern himself with the cosmetics of the match .

The odds may be stacked against him, but we know if any man can do this, The Babyfaced Pitbull can … and in the process bring home the BWP World Catchweight Championship and bring The Brand down a few pegs!

Match Analysis:

Expect a hard hitting, fast paced match between 2 of the toughest and most versatile Superstars in the BWP.  DCB is not going to allow Pitbull, nor anybody, to take away his BWP World Catchweight Championship title again any time soon – Pitbull has worked hard throughout 2010 to achieve his shot at being crowned the main man in the BWP – in his mind, he is already the the main man, title or not title, however we have seen that he will stop at nothing and be stopped by nobody in order to prove to the BWP Nation that he is more than qualified and worthy of being our Champion.

This match is not going to be pretty – we will without a doubt see two BWP Superstars rip each other to shreds and take each other to the limit to prove a point.  DCB and Pitbill both have quite possibly one the biggest challenges of their illustrious careers ahead of them on Saturday 22nd January – but which gladiator will walk away as the BWP Champion?

Match Focus: Rookie No1 Contenders Match



Match Summary: On November 13th 2010 British Wrestling history was made as the first EVER Rookie Division Champion was crowned at Denbigh Town Hall Brawl 2.  Togan walked away from the sensational show as that history making Champion – and on Saturday 22nd January 2011 he will defend the very same title for the very first time.  But who against, remains undecided …

BWP General Manager Sebastian D.Winterz has set a Rookie 4-Way Match to determine the No1 Contender for Togans title.  However, whoever wins the 4-Way No1 Contenders Match must then face the Champ later in the same evening!  This is a test on the Rookies involved – Dr X‘Italian Stallion’ TVBThe Hangman and Jacob Israel – the GM is obviously stepping up the game and raising the heat for the entire BWP Roster – Main and Rookies alike – as the Rookies must now battle to become the No1 Contender, but at the same time try to avoid any damage, injuries or fatigue that will then put them at risk when they go for gold against Togan.

Superstar Analysis: We have four mixed styled wrestlers in this match – the flyers, the rough necks, the powerhouses and the cheats – some individual and some combined traits, but all in one ring at the same time will make for a great match!

Dr X – very little is known about oddball Dr X  - we certainly can not clarify his medical expertise, however we can confirm that Dr X  operates extremely effieciently in the BWP ring.  Dr X is a bulk of a man, and powerful with it.  His weakness in this match is fatigue, with a couple of slightly smaller, lighter and fitter Rookies in the ring, he is known for occassionally getting carried away – in this match Dr X needs to remain focused at grounding his opposition in order to fully utilise him strength and size advantage.

Jacob Israel - This young International Rookie has guts.  Last month we saw him compete in the Rookie Championship Battle Royale and then later in the evening stand united with fellow Rookies to fend off The Brand and their brutal horrific attack on D Mac.  When the Rookies were beaten back by The Brand, Jacob Israel stood tall in the centre of the ring willing to take what was coming, and what shortly followed was nothing less than criminal and despicable!

Israel will be looking to prove a point to everybody in the BWP – from Corey E to DCB – this guy is not scared of anybody!  He has speed and agility on his side, his wrestling abilities sometimes fall short, but his determination and unwilling to quit may be his saving factors.

The Hangman - Another oddball to go with Dr X – and just like Dr X, The Hangman is a larger more powerful wrestler, not the most technically sound of the Rookie Division but somebody who has proven on several occassions that no matter the outcome, people will remember the name, and antics, of The Hangman!

If The Hangman can lock in his suplex varities and be gain momentum through disabeling his opposition, he could quite easily walk away from this little tournament as No1 Contender.  Last month we saw him single handidly cost TVB the Rookie Championship by KO’ing him after TVB eliminated Hangman from the tournament, thus allowing Togan to get the win.  Hangman must not allow himself to be too focused on one single Rookie, as Dr X and Jacob Israel are bound to take full advantage of the personal vendetta that is taking place in the ring.

TVB - This guy fell short at the final hurdle last month.  Having won a Rookie Rumble and Rookie Gauntlet as well as numerous other matches since the Rookie Division was started earlier in 2010, TVB was not able to be crowned the Champ last month because of the combined efforts of Togan and The Hangman.  Just as I said about The Hangman (above), TVB can not allow himself to head into this match with revenge in mind – he has to focus on what is before him, get into the zone of eliminating the opposition in order to try and put right the travesity of last month.

TVB is a powerful young man that has already built up a fanbase because of his in ring flare and determination.  TVB has proved on several occasions that he is potential Champion material.  But do not let this mask the facts that TVB is still a Rookie not only to the BWP, but to the wrestling business, he has a lot to learn and will know a lot less than most of his opponents going into this match.  In the same sense that proving himself on previous occassions in the BWP in a positive thing, it can also work against TVB if he goes into the match with an over confident approach – he should not discount any of his 3 opponents.

BWP Vault – This Time In BWP History

vault dec 10

Deep from the archives of the BWP Vault we bring you This Time In BWP History – a special look back at a historic moment in BWP history that took place years ago to this month.

This time round … BWP December 2008 >>

Saturday 22nd December 2008 – the first ever Britannia Wrestling Promotions show took place in Llandyrnog, North Wales.

The show was planned as a one off event by BWP Founder Steve Saxon.  Having been proposed by a local community council to host a Christmas wrestling show, Sax decided to go against the grain and test new waters with a cautious toe.  Little did Saxon know that by dipping his toe into the pro-wrestling water – he would become engulfed in the business to his neck.

After many weeks of precision planning, the BWP ‘For One Night Only’ show went ahead in front of a sold out crowd.  He had put together a show consisting of favors, peoples’ word and untested personal experience and belief!  The show was a roaring success, with the local wrestling hero The Red Dragon coming out on top in front of the frenzied Welsh crowd

YouTube Preview Image
The Red Dragon took part in a International Knock-Out Tournament consisting of ‘The Lethal’ DCb, Night Stalker and Awesome Aaron Adams.

Round 1 saw Triple A Vs DCB – DCB picked up the win following a admirably fair fought bout.

Round 2 witnessed the local hero The Red Dragon taking the Night Stalker to school, completely wiping the backside of the Russian masked man to proceed to the finals of the tournament.

Round 3 saw was final of the tournament – DCV Vs The Red Dragon.  Dragon dominated throughout, it was only the cheap cheating antics of DCB that cost the big man the victory, as the masked man wrapped the tournament trophy around the skull of the local hero causing a count out finish.

The Red Dragon later got some reconciliation by winning the 20 Man Rumble – making short work of DCB in the process.

Also in action was Tommy Gunn& Matt Hunter Vs Texas Joe Savoldi & Brad Matthews – Texas Joe and Brad Matthews taking the win.

Jay Icon Vs Lord Graham Thomas, with LGT picking up the win.

The North Wales fans were left desperate for more … but Steve Saxon didn’t know what his next step would be.

At the time Sax was working for legendary National promoter Orig Williams.  Sax had trained and worked under Orig for 11 years whilst at the same time working in senior managerial positions within International businesses, he wanted desperately to take up this new personal challenge, but the shadow of his mentor hung over him.  Saxon eventually took the step, and in March 2009 he held another hugely successful show in old hometown of Silverdale, Stoke on Trent – and then a BWP show occured each month thereafter.  From Liverpool to Stoke, North Wales to South Wales … BWP slowly began making a name for itself and its Superstars, boasting the next generation in British Wrestling Superstars and a modern and original approach to its business and supporters.

Two years later the BWP have gone from strength to strength, introducing innovative direction to the British Wrestling scene as well as establishing successful wrestling Superstars.  The BWP name and image has become an integral and synonymous part to the North Wales region in the 24 months it has been in operation, and just as quick as the BWP fanbase expands and improves, as does it’s Superstars, shows and goals.

This time in history – history was made.

New Year Kicks Off


Britannia Wrestling Promotions kick start 2011 with what looks to be yet another explosive action packed night! The BWP Superstars will be returning to Rhyl on Saturday 22nd January 2011, with several matches already set by BWP General Manager Sebastian D.Winterz who has stated that 22nd January is ‘Brand Night’!

Already announced for the Rhyl show is:

BWP World Catchweight Championship Match

‘The Lethal’ D.C.B. (Champion) Vs Babyfaced Pitbull (Challenger)
- Pitbull beat Lord Graham Thomas in last month to become the No1 Contender to DCB’s newly acquired title. DCB will no doubt have The Brand in tow during his 1st title defense since beating D Mac in November.

Rookie Division 4 Way No1 Contenders Match

Dr X Vs Jacob Israel Vs The Hangman Vs ‘Italian Stallion’ TVB
- The only way to win this match is by pinfall or submission – first man to bag a fall, goes on to face the BWP Rookie Division Champion Togan later in the evening.

Rookie Division Championship Match

Togan (Champion) Vs To Be Determined
- As mentioned above, the winner of the 4 Way No1 Contenders Match will challenge Togan for the Rookie Division Championship title.  This will be Togans first defense since winning the title in November at BWP Denbigh Town Hall Brawl 2.

The GM Challenge

Jim King Vs To Be Announced
- Jim King will face off against an opponent of the General Managers choice in the 2nd round of his quest to receive a match against Sebastian D.Winterz.  Last month he beat gigantic Cyanide – but who knows who the GM has lined up this time … Sebastian D.Winterz will try anything to prevent Jim King from passing his challenge.

Tag Team Action

Sabotage & Tommy Gunn Vs Lord Graham Thomas & Shaun ‘The Hammer’ Davis
- In September Tommy & Sabotage were battling against each other, in November they united to fend off the antics of The Bouncer – in January they will team up to face the duo of Lord Graham Thomas & his bodyguard Shaun ‘The Hammer’ Davis, another first time pairing, although The Hammer watches Thomas’s back from ringside, they have never teamed up in a wrestling match.  This is set to be an explosive competition of experience, talent, speed and size!

Also, it has been announced this morning that the masked wrestling sensation ‘The Red Saint’ will debut in the BWP! Sebastian D.Winterz has stated that he was the man responsible for signing the International Wrestling Superstar and he will personally welcome him into the BWP on Saturday 22nd January 2011 – no opponent has yet been announced for Red Saint, but we expect to hear more on this match as well as further matches that will be added in the coming weeks leading up to the Rhyl show.

We also expect to hear from former BWP World Catchweight Champion D Mac following last months events with The Brand … what will D Mac have in mind heading into the new year?

Live Action Wrestling
Saturday 22nd January 2011
Rhyl Little Theatre, Vale Road
Rhyl, Denbighshire, North Wales

A Friend For Life


In a strange twist of events at BWP Denbigh Town Hall Brawl 2 last month, The Bouncer took it upon himself to teach Tommy Gunn a lesson having lost 2 consecutive matches involving Gunn.  As The Bouncer dragged Tommy back into the ring to hand out another serving of punishment – and things started to look even worse for the popular Gunn as his victor from the September, Sabotage, walked to the ring and was presented a beaten Tommy Gunn by a gleaming Bouncer.

What happened next shocked both the BWP audience and Tommy Gunn as Big Sab KO’ed The Bouncer with a perfectly fitting forearm smash – sending the cock sure Bouncer crashing through the ropes and to the venue floor.  As Tommy looked up at Sabotage in complete astonishment, Sabotage offered his hand as a gesture of peace … graciously accepted by a thankful Tommy Gunn.

Sabotage then told Tommy, in an act of class, that what he witnessed during their match in September was Tommy Gunn proving that he is one of the hardest working and most talented guys in the BWP locker room.  Sab acknoweldged Tommys efforts in September and told him that he was a credible opponent and for that reason, Tommy has a friend for life!

The BWP fans certainly appreciated what Sabotage did for Tommy Gunn as they applauded the two BWP Superstars as they left the ring together, Sabotage clearly seen to be aiding Gunn who was struggling to walk backstage on his own following his grueling tag team victory and the beating further absorbed from The Bouncer.

Already announced for the opening BWP show of 2011is a major tag team match as Sabotage & Tommy Gunn have been paired up to take on Lord Graham Thomas and his bodyguard, Shaun ‘The Hammer’ Davis.  Will the friends for life be able to gel quick enough to fend off LGT and the The Hammer – Tommy & Lord Graham Thomas are no strangers to each other having crossed paths in numerous singles matches in their BWP careers – but with the added British beef in this match how will this affect the Rapid Fire and the Lord?

BWP Live Action Wrestling
Saturday 22nd January 2011

Rhyl Little Theatre
Vale Road, Rhyl, Denbighshire, North Wales

DJ King All Sold Out

dj why


1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.
4. One who supports, sympathises with and aides.

We all make friends throughout the different levels of life that we pass through, some come and go never to be heard from again, some stay in contact throughout your entire life occasionally popping up to say ‘hello’ and to check in on life, but very few acquired friends remain a constant part of your life from start to finish. These kind of friends we refer to as ‘best’ friends – the person or persons that we trust, rely on, connect with and entrust with our lives.

D Mac walked into BWP Denbigh Town Hall Brawl 2 as the BWP World Catchweight Champion, with his best friend DJ King at his side – however he left Denbigh alone, confused, betrayed and angry.

D Mac didn’t only lose the BWP World Catchweight Championship on Saturday 13th November 2010 … he lost his best friend.  The one person that he had faith in that he could trust, or at least he thought.  What would lead to DJ King, a respected member of the BWP Roster, to turn his back on his friend in favor of a group of corrupt, venomous individuals such as The Brand?  The main mystery of all of this is why King would align himself with ‘The Lethal’ DCB – 8 weeks following their epic encounter together in the Denbigh Death Match?

Could DJ King be envious or perhaps jealous of the recent success and achievements of D Mac?  D Mac and DJ King did briefly appear in a match together – the Sure Shot Challenge 5 Man Ladder Match back in August, of course D Mac went on to win the ladder match, proceeded by cashing it in against Lord Graham Thomas and winning the BWP Championship for the first time in his career the following month.  Could this have been what tipped DJ King over the edge?

Or is it a case that the returning Rudy Wynne simply got into the head of King in order to paint a bigger picture for The Brand?  Wynne has been known to flash the cash about in the BWP in order to bully recognition, but rarely respect … something DJ King will need to get used to receiving a lot less of due to his choice of current associates!  With the General Manager in on this whole fiasco, could DJ King have been promised a brighter future in the BWP in return for his conscience and soul?

We here at Britannia Wrestling Promotions have been successful in making contact with DJ King, however we have been less successful in receiving an answer to the one and only simple question – ‘Why?’ …. DJ Kings response on both separate occasions that question has been asked, ‘No Comment’!

We will continue to press this matter with DJ King and his fellow Brand associates.  For now, we offer a warning to all BWP Superstars – do not trust DJ King … do not trust Rudy Wynne and DO NOT trust The Brand!



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