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TVB – Last Rookie Standing


The BWP Rookies Division kicked off another BWP show at Championship Showdown II with the Rookie Rumble. All Rookies were in the ring at the same time, and as the bell rang they clashed in what was an excellent show of talent, skill, enthusiasm and passion as each competitor was aiming to stamp their own personal mark not only on the Rookie Division – but also on Britannia Wrestling Promotions.

‘The Italian Stallion’ TVB stood tall and mighty at the end of the Rookie Rumble, haven fended off the likes of Angelito, Togan, Corey E, Liam Marshall as well as the rest of the BWP Rookies – TVB and Dr X literally took it to the edge as the final two men in the rumble as they balanced on the edge of the ring as they pounded each others heads in an attempt to get their opponent to drop the venue floor. The Italian Stallion outlasted the mysterious and fairly odd Dr X and was declared the first ever winner of the first ever BWP Rookie Rumble!

But TVB’s celecrations were short lived, as Mike Minus and a few of the BWP Rookies re-entered the ring … To read more about what went on after this match ended, click here

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Rookies Divided


The BWP Rookie Division is a new initiative of BWP Founder Steve Saxon … an opportunity for the newer and younger wrestlers to be able to make a name for themselves and try to climb their way up the BWP ranks. At BWP Championship Showdown II the first ever Rookie Rumble took place, but not before something else ‘new’ was unveiled.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing to you the ‘managing excellence’ that is Mike Minus! Minus stood centre stage and informed the BWP Rookies that the lucky winner of the Rookie Rumble would not only stamp their name in history but would also gain his services as their manager! This notion seemed to echo a chorus of disapproving moans from the BWP fans … as the bell rang, the Rookies stormed straight into action as they battled it out in complete mayhem until TVB was crowned the last man standing and winner.

Mike Minus entered the ring applauding the efforts and skills of the Rumble winner, and then verbally congratulated him on his momentous victory and more importantly, on winning the services of Mike Minus! TVB thanked Mike for his offer but declined it none the less, stating that he doesn’t need his, nor anybodies help to get to the top of the BWP!!

As the fans roared with applause for the Rookie sensation, Minus was irate and informed TVB that he had made the biggest mistake of his life by crossing him, this was followed by a stubble-removing slap courtesy of Minus to TVB. As TVB quickly shook off the unexpected assault by Minus, several BWP Rookies entered the ring again and took TVB out before he had chance to get any form of retaliation on Minus for his slap.

Jacob Israel, Dr X, Togan, Element & Charliee Quinn beat down TVB as Minus stood over them barking out instructions … followed by Mike Minus addressing the Rhyl crowd again, informing them that the BWP Rookie Division was now under his control and that everybody had better take what they had just seen happen to TVB as a warning that NOBODY crosses Mike Minus!

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Pitbull Out of Action


BWP Superstar and MMA Fighter, Babyface Pitbull, has been injured in a sanctioned MMA fight and has been declared unfit to fight in neither wrestling or MMA matches until further notice.

Little is known about the injury at this time, however we have been informed by Pitbull that whilst he won’t be out of action for long, he unfortunately will not be able to cash in on his place in the quickly approaching Sure Shot Challenge 6 Man Ladder Match!

BWP Founder Steve Saxon immediately declared that the vacated spot of Babyface Pitbull will be filled at BWP Unholy Reunion II on Wednesday 4th August in Abergele, North Wales. Saxon had earlier stated that DJ King and El Destello would battle it out to name what was then to be the 6th and final place in the Sure Shot Challenge, but has now declared that there will be a Battle Royale at the end of the very same show, the winner of which will fill the vacated Babyface Pitbull spot.

How will this affect D Mac, AC Kage, Sean Phoenix and Tommy Gunn? One thing that they can bank on is that they know that either DJ King or El Destello will be joining them in what will be an epic and history making event next month, but who the final entrant may now be is a complete mystery!

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Abergele Street Fight


Both DJ King and El Destello have recently lost their chances to be entered into the Sure Shot Challenge Match scheduled for next month – but they both get their final shots at getting into the massive main event. BWP Founder Steve Saxon stated that both men had shown great determination despite their unfortunate losses, so he has granted them both a final chance – but with every positive there is a negative as DJ King and El Destello will have to compete in a Street Fight match in order to qualify!

Both BWP Superstars have had their fair share of classic hardcore battles with other wrestlers over the years, but never have they met in a match together where the rule book is thrown out of the window!

DJ King has been gaining momentum as of late which the BWP fans have noticed and jumped behind the fun loving King! However it seems since losing his BWP Championship in March this year, El Destello has been on a severe losing streak … will this favor the mentality of both men on their way into this battle?

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Unholy Reunion II – Beat The Clock Challenge


Following their two recent, and epic encounters against each other, both BWP Champion Lord Graham Thomas and Jim ‘The Metal’ King will now battle it out in a Beat The Clock Challenge at BWP Unholy Reunion II on Wednesday 4th August.

Both men will meet a BWP Rookie Division wrestler … both LGT and King have to try and overcome their opponents in the quickest time possible to win the challenge – the winner gets to name the stipulation for their ‘rubber match’ to take place at Rhyl Little Theatre on Saturday 28th August.

Jim ‘The Metal’ King will face off against BWP Rookie Togan, who is expected to have Mike Minus at ringside for this encounter that could make a name for the BWP Rookie.

The champion, Lord Graham Thomas will face off with popular Rookie Wade Wilson … will Wade be able to make the most of this opportunity in a none-title match?

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BWP Wrestling Returns to Rhyl

Following our visit to Rhyl Little Theatre last last month, BWP have been requested to return due to popular demand and will be holding another show there on Sunday 18th July!

This show is set to be even more action packed than the last show, with newly crowned BWP World Champion Lord Graham Thomas taking on Abergele’s own Jim ‘The Metal’ King in a Championship Lumberjack match!

The BWP Rookie Division will have their ultimate opportunity to shine and prove their worth in the BWP as they all take part in the Rookie Rumble.

Another qualifying entrant for the BWP Sure Shot Challenge final match will be decided as El Destello, Sean Phoenix, Celtic Thunder & DJ King face off in a 4 Man Knock-Out Tournament.

Its going to be yet another awesome show at Rhyl Little Theatre, so be sure to book your seats now via the BWP Forum.

Rhyl Little Theatre – Sunday 18th July 2010 – 5.30pm

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Lord Graham Thomas New Champ!

lgt champ

At Britannia Wrestling Promotions Championship Showdown II on Friday 25th June 2010 Lord Graham Thomas finally achieved his spot as BWP World Catchweight Champion as he dedeated Jim ‘The Metal’ King via pinfall after a gruelling and sensational 25 minute match in Rhyl, North Wales.

LGT has been within touch of the BWP Championship Title before, only to be knocked down at the last hurdle and narrowly avoid becoming champion, but at BWP Championship Showdown II he brought all of his tricks to the table as he almost out-wrestled the highly popular former-Champion Jim King, but the wrestling didn’t come in to it when the final bell was rung, as LGT utilised his power of craftiness by blinding the ex-champ with an eye full of salt before hitting a head-removing clotheslines for the final count.

Jim King gets his chance to put things right on Sunday 18th July as he cashes in his rematch clause against the Champion in a Lumberjack match. King has assured the BWP that he will do whatever it takes to regain his gold and his reputation by dethroning our Lord during his first title defense, but LGT has stated that he also has plans of his own to ensure victory once again over the North Walian Jim King.

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