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Rage v Rookie – El Destello v Corey E


On Sunday 2nd May 2010 Corey E will step into the BWP ring with an opponent nothing like he has ever faced before, as he stands toe to toe with The Lethal Luchador, El Destello.

El Destello is one of the sickest and nastiest individuals on the BWP roster at the best of times, but on this occassion he will be hot after the loss of his BWP World Catchweight title belt to Jim ‘The Metal’ King last month at BWP Soul Survivor!  Not only did Destello lose his gold, he was also pinned for the first time in his BWP career … only ever being beaten once before by submission at the hands of The G-Man, the very man that El Destello retired just 2 months ago in one of the most brutal matches in BWP history.

Corey has had an impressive start since his BWP debut back in February at BWP Rural Rumble, where he beat Marcus King – followed by his victory over Lord Graham Thomas at Soul Survivor last  month – both members of The Word Association along with El Destello.

Will Corey be able to get past the third Word Association member intact?  The BWP Nation certainly hope so, however we can not help but to feel that with El Destello fuming with rage over losing last month, that he will have one hell of a hurdle to overcome … one thing is for sure, if Corey can overcome The Lethal Luchador, then he will have taken one massive step toward shaking the rookie status he carries around with him at the moment.

BWP Extravaganza Show – Llandudno, North Wales


On Sunday 2nd May 2010 the Superstars of Britannia Wrestling Promotions will be on hand in Llandudno, North Wales all day long as they have been requested to take part in the annual Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza parade in order to raise money for local charities.

The BWP Superstars will be walking the streets of Llandudno along with all of the other entertainers and attractions and will end up on the main Extravaganza stage for a 30 minute exhibition on mat-wrestling.

Later in the day, the Superstars will rally in the Craig-y-Don Sports & Leisure Centre just up the road, for an evening of action packed wrestling entertainment for the whole family.

Already confirmed for the BWP Extravaganza show is the Ego v Ego – Winner Takes All match between BWP Founder Steve Saxon and a partner of his choice, against BWP General Manager ‘The Word’ Rudy Wynne and a partner of his choosing – both partners are yet to be announced and confirmed by Sax and Rudy.  If Team Sax win this match, then Rudy Wynne will be fired immediately – however if Team Rudy win the match, Steve Saxon has agreed to walk away from his company and sign ALL of his shares over to Rudy Wynne, who will have the ultimate power in Britannia Wrestling Promotions.

More matches are yet to be announced for this spectacular show … so stay tuned for match updates as well as who the new BWP World Catchweight Champion Jim ‘The Metal’ King will face in his first ever title defence since beating El Destello at BWP Soul Survivor.

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BWP Soul Survivor Results


BWP Soul Survivor Results
Saturday 20
th March 2010
Waterloo Rugby Club, Blundellsands, Liverpool

The show kicked off with ‘Rapid Fire’ Tommy Gunn v Marcus King, accompanied as always by BWP General Manager Rudy Wynne.

Both Gunn and King have very similar wrestling styles and techniques … the major difference in this match was that the highly popular Tommy Gunn had the audience behind him from the offset.  Marcus King stayed on top throughout the majority of this match, although was at times caught off guard by the whippet like Gunn, King managed to regain control of the match each time.  As it appeared that King was setting up Tommy Gunn for a finish to clench victory, music hit the Waterloo Rugby Club and out strutted BWP Owner Steve Saxon … confused by The Sax Mans presence, both Rudy Wynne and Marcus King were distracted from Tommy Gunn who was waiting behind King, as King turned his attention back onto the match in hand, Gunn was able to take full advantage over the bosses arrival by finishing Marcus King with a senton splash from the top rope for the 1-2-3!

Saxon then entered the ring and shook the hand and congratulated Tommy Gunn on his victory … and then turned his attention to Rudy Wynne, who was at this point sneakily trying to exit the venue alongside a beaten Marcus King – but Wynne didn’t get far until Sax made him to get back into the ring as he had something to say to him.

As Sax introduced himself to the audience, already the heckles and chants of ‘Fire Him, Fire Him’ roared from the crowd – Sax Man then informed the crowd that unfortunately 8 months ago it was he that was responsible for hiring this ‘idiot’ Rudy Wynne as the General Manager of his company.  Sax continued to explain why he was there addressing the GM – in 8 months, every village, town and city the BWP travel to is followed by complaints from BWP wrestlers and BWP fans about the selfish actions of Rudy Wynne and his band of ‘misfits’ The Word Association, Sax stated that he was sick of seeing and hearing of Rudy and the Word Association screwing every wrestler over and the reason he was here, was to listen to the fans and to fire Rudy Wynne.

Rudy took exception to this statement, although the fans certainly did not as they cheered with clear delight as Saxon got in Wynnes face.  However Rudy informed Saxon that it is written into his BWP contract that should he be released of his position as General Manager before the end of his term, he is well within his rights to sue Steve Saxon which meant he would be suing Saxons wife and Saxons children!  Rudy also stated that when he was appointed as General Manager of Britannia Wrestling Promotions, he was told by Steve Saxon that there is one rule he must abide by, make the BWP and Steve Saxon as much money as humanly possible … and the one rule Rudy has lived by since his induction as GM back in July 2009 was that very rule Saxon put on him!

Saxon agreed that he did indeed entrust  Rudy to make him and his family a pot-full of money, and indeed Rudy has done that – however when Sax was poised with the question from Rudy of ‘what’s more important to you?  The fans or money for your family?’  Saxon replied that he loves both equally – therefore he had an idea about how to combine both loves, how to make a lot of money by giving the fans what they wanted.

Sax Man went onto to elaborate on his idea … Sax stated he, just like the BWP Wrestlers, just like the BWP Fans and just like Rudy’s own Mother … does not like Rudy Wynne … and that although he can not fire Rudy, as owner of the BWP he can make matches and set stipulations!  Sax then challenged Rudy to a one-on-one fight on May 2nd at the BWP Extravaganza show in Llandudno, North Wales!  Rudy was extremely quick in his response to Saxons challenge, his response being ‘No!’.  As the fans booed the GM’s answer, Saxon smiled and stated that he knew and anticipated that Rudy was to much of a coward to accept a one-on-one fight against him, so he proposed that it be a tag match – Sax & a partner of his choice against Rudy and a partner of his choice – same date, same venue … Rudy again was as prompt to decline his bosses match proposal.

Finally Steve Saxon acknowledged that he also knew that Rudy would still be to much of a coward to accept a tag match – so, with the tag team match proposal on the table, Sax then went on to add his stipulation, that he knew would be the deal clincher, Sax confessed his personal and professional feelings abut his General Manager and stated under no uncertain terms, he wants Rudy out of the BWP – and also acknowledged that he was perfectly aware that Rudy would love nothing more than to be in charge in the BWP, to have all of the power, control and to become the BWP ego – and should Rudy accept the challenge for 2nd May, and Team Rudy go on to beat Team Sax, the Steve Saxon would sign over his shares in the BWP to Rudy Wynne and would walk away from his company forever – however, if Team Sax win, then Rudy walks away from the BWP forever!  Rudy reiterated what his employer had just offered to him and then accepted the challenge from his boss by slapping him clean across the face, before quickly scampering out of the ring before Sax could retaliate … so  with that said and done, Rudy Wynne will not battled of against The Sax Man with partners that both men are yet to announce.

Match 2 was then up – this was a mixed tag team match with all 4 participants debuting in the BWP.  Charliee Quinn & Dan Bison seemed to want the crowd to heckle them as they taunted the Liverpudlian crowd from the offset as they headed off against Tiger Lilly & Ace Kid.

There was a lot of back and forth action throughout the match, Charliee Quinn showing her guts as she was willing to stand toe to toe not only with Tiger Lilly, but to Kid Ace as well, who was refused to wrestle the twisted Quinn.  Dan Bison on the other hand had no issues with battling Tiger Lilly whenever the opportunity was there to grab.

This match ended with Charliee Quinn distracting Kid Ace with a punch to the face, sending Ace into Dan Bison who hit him with a body busting spear for the 1-2-3.  The winners of this mixed tag team match, Dan Bison and Charliee Quinn.

Match 3 saw Lord Graham Thomas take on the rookie Corey E – this match was more or less pretty one sided, as LGT’s height, weight and experience were all greater than Corey’s and the LGT ripped the young lad apart.  Corey E certainly showed guts as he constantly tried to catch a chance with some amazing comebacks but each were not enough to put down LGT long enough for maximum momentum.

Corey had two things going for him – he was a lot athletic than LGT and he was tougher than LGT may have estimated.  No matter what the Lord hit the rookie with, Corey kept on kicking out of those pinning attempts, long enough for LGT’s s stamina to be visibly fading – Corey, with what appeared to be his final effort & attempt to get the better of his opponent, managed to finish of LGT with a simple and affective roll-up pin for the win!

LGT looked sincerely shocked he very quickly realised that he had been out-smarted by the most promising rookie in the BWP lockeroom.

Up next, after that last regal result, was the 3 Way Tag Match – out first was team of Phoenix and The Bouncer, the guy that Phoenix chose as a replacement for his ShockWave partner The Motivator, as Moty had been sidelined after breaking his ankle being eliminated at the Rural Rumble last month.  Out next, the young and talented duo of Storm.  Finally, out came the cocky and cool combination of D Mac & Liam Marshall.
The first tag team to be eliminated was D Mac and Liam Marshall at the hands of Phoenix and The Bouncer, leaving the rookie combo of Storm against the two big guys.  Although Storm showed great courage and athleticism and even looked to be close to clinching the win at one point, The Bouncer wrapped Element in a Gut Wrench Bomb to get the final result – the winners of the 3 Way Tag Match – Phoenix & The Bouncer.

Phoenix & The Bouncer were not finished though, as they continued their unnecessary beat down on Storm as the referee tried to break it up, if it wasn’t for D Mac and Liam Marshall running to save the two young Superstars, who knows what permanent damage Phoenix & The Bouncer would have caused them.
Next up – the BWP World Catchweight Championship El Destello defended his title against the current No1 contender, following his impressive win in the Fatal4Way match against The Iron Duke, Andy Baker and the Babyface Pitbull at the Rural Rumble.  Destello entered the ring with his usual entourage of followers as Rudy Wynne and Miss Kitty paraded around the ring, almost covering all angles as an immediate advantage to El Destello.

Jim quickly tried to take control of the match by tackling Destello with a number of arm holds and headlocks, each time the champ wriggled to the ring ropes to break the hold.  It was now El Destello’s time to shine as he was able to turn things back in his direction, Destello pounded The Metal with suplexes, dropkicks, elbows from the top, knee drops and endless solid fists to the head and body … but King was more than capable and qualified to stand the Lerthal Luchadors brutal arsenal of moves as his speed and agility allowed him to gain the upper hand as much as Destello throughout the confrontation, even giving Destello a taste of his own medicine at one point and body slamming him onto the solid wooden flooring outside of the ring as well as ramming the champs head into steel ring posts.

In the end, as the fans were chanting enormously for The Metal – Destello was still trying desperately to keep hold of his precious title belt.  Then, in a sudden moment of hope, The Metal managed to pick the champ up into his patented ‘The Rule’ knock-out move, however Destello sensed the end and reversed the move into his own ‘Shotgun’ back breaker followed by the pin for the 1-2 … Jim King somehow managed to kick out of the ‘Shotgun’ … Miss Kitty distracted the referee with a smacker on his lips, long enough for El Destello to grab his kendo-stick and attack Jim King with it, Destello went for the pin again for the 1-2-Jim kicked out AGAIN!

El Detsllo was irate to say the least – shouting at the referee and Rudy Wynne in disbelief that the brilliantly-stubborn Jim King was able to kick out of his Shotgun signature move and a cane shot to the head!  Destello decided to bring out his old-school tactics as he climbed to the top rope calling for the swanton bomb, maybe calling this move to the fans was foolish for champ, as Jim King sprang to his feet and slapped Destello, grabbed him off the top rope onto Kings shoulders – as King took a step back and hit ‘The Rule’, this time successfully, knocking the Lethal Luchador clean out – 1-2-3 – Jim ‘The Metal’ King has beaten El Destello, the only man in BWP history to get the 3-count on El Destello and only the 2nd man actually to beat El Destello, the 1st being his friend and former-partner, The G-Man!

As Jim celebrated in the ring with his new title belt, the BWP fans flocked to the ring to celebrate with him and to offer their congratulations in what was a hard fought, hard hitting, challenging and well deserved victory for the new champ!

Finally – the Soul Survivor Battle Royale, pitting all of the nights winners in a battle royal event where only one man, or woman, could be standing at the end … that person would then officially be the BWP’s Soul Survivor.

Out first was Tommy Gunn, followed by Charlie Quinn & Dan Bison, Corey E, Phoenix & The Bouncer and of course the newly crowned champion, Jim King.

All competitors in the ring, the battle began.  Slowly the competitors were eliminated from the ring via the top rope.  Charliee Quinn, Dan Bison and Corey E were the first to be eliminated leaving the final four men being Jim King, Tommy Gunn, Phoenix and his tag team partner The Bouncer.  All four men tried to eliminate the other, until Lord Graham Thomas, who had not qualified for the Battle Royale as he lost to Corey E earlier in the evening, slid into the ring and immediately set on Jim King, hammering him with left and rights.  LGT then grabbed hold of Jim’s title belt, and wrapped it around Jim’s head, the Lord then picked King up and eliminated him by throwing him over the top rope to the venue floor.  LGT then paraded with The Metals belt, until Jim chased him out of the venue.

Back in the ring, Tommy Gunn is receiving some harsh punishment at the hands of Phoenix and The Bouncer.  It certainly seemed obvious that one of the tag duo would walk away with the final win, but which one?  They set Tommy up to be eliminated, but with a fortunate twist, Phoenix misstepped and got tangled in the ropes with his own partner, this allowed Tommy the opening he needed to even the odds, as he hit Phoenix with a big clothesline that sent him toppling over the top rope and being eliminated from the main event.  As The Bouncer looked down at Phoenix on the venue floor, in that split second Tommy was in stance waiting for The Bouncer to turn around, as he did so, Gunn hit a massive dropkick to the chest of The Bouncer sending him flying backwards over the top rope to the venue floor.

Tommy lay motionless in the centre of the ring as two referee’s tried to assist him to his feet, as they did so, the fans roared Tommy’s name as the show closed and Tommy Gunn celebrates being the BWP Soul Survivor in the ring with his fans.

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Battle of the Ego’s


When BWP Founder Steve Saxon arrived at BWP Soul Survivor he had nothing but business on his agenda … personal business!

The Sax Man confronted BWP General Manager ‘The Word’ Rudy Wynne at the end of the Marcus King/Tommy Gunn match … to an instant chorus of chants from the Liverpudlian crowd of ‘FIRE HIM, FIRE HIM’.  Sax got straight down to business, informing the fans that since HE hired Rudy 8 months ago to be the General Manager of HIS company, it was clear immediately that he had made a mistake because of the endless and increasing amount of complaints from BWP Superstars and fans from every village, town and city that the BWP visits – all of the complaints are concerning Rudy Wynne and his ‘band of mis-fits’ The word Association!

Saxon said that he had gone to Soul Survivor to fire Rudy Wynne … but as Rudy explained, Sax can not fire him without just cause.  So the Founder of the BWP said that he had another idea … if he can’t fire Rudy, he can offer him a deal – the deal being that if Rudy fights Saxon in a tag match and loses, Rudy is fired!  But, if Rudy’s team wins then Steve Saxon will sign over his shares in the BWP to Rudy Wynne so that he has TOTAL CONTROL over Britannia Wrestling Promotions!

Rudy accepted Saxons challenge to a tag match for ultimate power on Sunday 2nd May 2010 at BWP Extravaganza in Llandudno, North Wales – and then slapped the taste out of Saxons mouth, before quickly fleeing backstage … leaving a grinning Steve Saxon in the ring telling Rudy that he can run, but only as far as Llandudno!

Will Steve Saxon and the best of the BWP Nation get their wish and be rid of ‘The Word’ come 2nd May?  Or will they be left with a sour taste in their mouths as Rudy takes total control over BWP?

One thing is for sure … there are BIG changes certain regardless of what the outcome is.

British Wrestling | Wrestling Llandudno | Wrestling North Wales | Llandudno Extravaganza

Jim ‘The Metal’ King – New BWP Champion!


At BWP Soul Survivor show in Blundellsands, Liverpool – Jim ‘The Metal’ King fulfilled his lifelong dream of being a wrestling champion by beating the ‘unbeatable’ El Destello in what was an epic match!

Since November 2009, El Destello has been dominating the BWP ring with the help and aid of his fellow Word Association members … injuring and shelving former BWP Champion Seb Winterz and retiring the highly popular G-Man, two thirds of The Justice Circle … but the remaining third of the J.C. took revenge for his fallen friends by finally de-crowning The Lethal Luchador – now the BWP crown is on a true King!

The Metal has had an impressive few months in Britannia Wrestling Promotions, being the last man standing in Januarys Lethal Lottery match at BWP Tag Team Turmoil – this gained him the chance to enter into the Fatal4Way No1 Contenders match the following month in Denbigh, North Wales at BWP Rural Rumble where he fended off the efforts of ring legend The Iron Duke as well as Andy Baker and MMA fighter the Babyface Pitbull to be crowned the No1 Contender to El Destello’s title.

Leading into BWP Soul Survivor, Jim received a lot of support and encouragement from BWP Superstars and fans who wanted to see Destello’s reign as BWP top-dog come to an end – and they all got what they wanted, as Jim King overcame El Destello’s entourage of ‘The Word’ Rudy Wynne & Miss Kitty as well as a  lethal kendo-stick shot as well as his Shotgun signature move.  A beaten and exhausted Jim King seemed to rise with the roars of the Liverpudlian crowd as he managed to lock prevent Destello from hitting his old-school swanton bomb from the top rope and instead locked him into his own signature move ‘The Rule’!  Knocking the Mexican champion clear out, and fortunately for The Metal, for the count!

As Destello lay motionless in the ring following Kings knock-out blow … the BWP fans flocked the ring to celebrate with their new BWP World Catchweight Champion – JIM ‘THE METAL’ KING!

Superstar Interview: Corey E

Hells Bells (HB) says
: So I am here with new kid on the block Corey E.

Hi Corey.

Corey E (CE) says: Hiya Helen.

HB says: As you are new to the BWP, I’m sure the fans would like to know a bit about you. So how did you get into wrestling?

CE says: Well, I was a youngster full of drive and ambition and with a thirst to prove myself. I wanted to find something to prove myself and when I heard that there was an opportunity so close to where I was, I grasped it with both hands and since then I haven’t looked back.

HB says: That is great Corey and what did you think about your first match with the BWP?

CE says: When I found out who I was against I felt I needed a lot of preparation as Marcus King has already established himself as a main force in the BWP. In the match, we took each other to the limits and in the end I was victorious. I think I proved to everybody else backstage that I’m not to be taken lightly.

HB says: Certainly, it was a fine match and I think Marcus was more than a little shocked by your abilities.

Of course your next match at the Waterloo Rugby Club in Crosby on 20th March is against the infamous Lord Graham Thomas. How are you feeling about meeting him in the ring?

CE says: It won’t be the first time I’ve met him in the ring as you may know at the last show in Denbigh we were in the rumble match together. However that was obviously not enough experience to know what he’s like in the ring. I have taken a look at some of LGT’s previous matches and I have to say that this will be an extremely tough challenge which will need to be taken seriously. I’ve noticed that he likes to use powerful moves, which I will need to avoid at all costs. It will certainly be one of my toughest matches to date.

HB says: It will be a hard match as LGT is a tricky opponent but I’m sure you are up to it.

Thinking of the other wrestlers on the BWP rosters, is there anyone in particular you would like to fight?

CE says: Well I got a chance to see the wrestlers of the BWP for the first time at the last show and I have to say I would like to fight The Metal as we have similar styles and I think it would be a brilliant and entertaining match for the fans to watch. I would also like to face the Babyface Pitbull purely to get revenge on him for eliminating me from the Rural Rumble at the last show.

HB says: The Metal is an excellent wrestler and I can understand why you would want revenge on the Babyface Pitbull, he appears to be an imposing character and that would be a good match.

Well I know you have a very busy schedule at the moment so won’t take up any more of your time but we usually end the interviews by doing some word association, if you are up for it?

CE says: Yeah , of course.

HB says: Okay, I will say a word or phrase and you give me the first word that you associate with it. So here we go.


CE says: Future

HB says: Jim ‘The Metal’ King

CE says: Quality

HB says: El Destello

CE says: Vicious

HB says: Tommy Gunn

CE says: Charisma

HB says: Rudy Wynne

CE says: Power-hungry

HB says: And lastly The BWP Catchweight Championship Title

CE says: Opportunity

HB says: Well thank -you for your time Corey and good luck against LGT.

CE says: It was a pleasure speaking to you Helen and thank you.



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