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Superstar Interview: Brad Matthews

Hells Bells (HB) says
: Hello everyone, I’m here tonight with MMA fighter Brad Matthews.

Hello Brad.

Brad Matthews (BM) says: Hiya Helen how’s it going?

HB says: Fine thanks Brad.

You had an excellent match last Saturday ignoring the ending of course. How do you feel the match itself went?

BM says: The match itself went great. I think there was a lot of back and forth action but I stuck to my game plan even though I was out numbered.

HB says: How did you feel about Rudy allowing UnaMannera to be present during the match and of course the new referee Phil Race?

BM says: To be honest I was glad UnaMannera was allowed to stay at ring side. I’m always up for a fight with a bigger guy but the new ref Phil Race was clearly playing favourites with the Word Association which made it a lot harder. I didn’t see the point really, Tom may be a good friend but he still would have called the match straight down the middle and no matter what the outcome I’d have respected it.

HB says: I totally agree Brad. Tom would always remain impartial but of course Rudy thought otherwise and as GM was able to bring in Phil as a substitute.

How did you feel when you thought you had beaten Catchweight Champion El Destello with that well executed choke hold?

BM says: Thought!….I did beat the Catchweight Champion El Destello.

I made him tap like a little school girl on a Saturday night. I was over the moon when the bell rang and Tom raised my hand and G-man gave me the belt that I deserved.

HB says: And then the bombshell that Rudy had overturned Tom’s decision.

What is your opinion of that?

BM says: That was a dirty move Rudy did, he knew I made El Destello tap fair and square but he had to dig deep to find a reason to overturn Tom’s decision and if you look over the rules of wrestling the choke I won with is a legal move in both MMA and WRESTLING and the other reason he used as well that Tom wasn’t the official for our match, well I’m sure it would have been ok if it was the other way round. Wouldn’t it? Rudy?

HB says: I’m sure you’re right Brad and we will have to see if Rudy responds to that point.

This has obviously left you feeling cheated of your rightful title as Catchweight Champion, so what are your plans going to be for your future in the BWP?

BM says: Yes you’re right to assume I feel cheated. I deserved that. I’ve bled and broken bones for it but after being cheated like that I’m not sure if I want to continue in the BWP.

I’m thinking of moving into full-time MMA where everyone seems to have respect for one another but we shall see what happens after the talks with Mr Saxon.

HB says: Have you already spoken to The Sax Man about this and explained how you feel?

BM says: Yes we have had a few discussions over it and he understands how I feel about it but our talks are continuing for another few days so nothing is set in stone just yet. If The Sax Man did manage to persuade me to stay I can tell you Destello will need more than the Word Association to protect him from me.

HB says: I’m sure El Destello needs to beware whatever your decision.

BM says: I’m sure he will find out one way or another.

HB says: I’m sure he will and is there anything you would like to say direct to Rudy, who after all is the person holding El Destello’s puppet strings and the person truly responsible for Saturdays Screw-job?

BM says: Yes….Rudy. For now you’re in control of the BWP locker-room but that won’t always be the case and as soon as your puppets have realised that you’re using them I will be waiting to take my revenge.

HB says: Well said Brad. We will wait to hear your decision about your future after you have spoken to The Sax Man and in the meantime I wish you well in your MMA matches and let’s hope that this disgusting travesty has not ruined your love of wrestling permanently.

BM says: Thanks Helen.

HB says: And thanks Brad for agreeing to talk to me this evening

BM says: I’m glad I did. I got a lot of things off my chest.

BWP Rural Rumble Match Line-up Announced


BWP General Manager, ‘The Word’ Rudy Wynne has released the official match line-up for the Rural Rumble event to be held on Saturday 20th February 2010 in Denbigh Town Hall, Denbigh, North Wales.

Marcus King v Corey Edwardson

ShockWave v The Justice Circle

Lord Graham Thomas’s Open Challenge

4 Way Match

Andy Baker v The Iron Duke v Baby Face Pit Bull v ‘The Metal’ Jim King

Denbigh Street Fight

El Destello (c) v Zack Diamond

20 Man Rumble

BWP Tag Team Turmoil – Full Results


Results for the sold out BWP Tag Team Turmoil show held in Abergele, North Wales on Saturday 23rd January 2010.

Match 1
Johnny Rose v Mandrake (Irish Whip Wrestling Heavyweight Champion)

This unbilled match was a last minute addition to the Tag Team Turmoil show, the current Irish Whip Heavyweight Champion, Mandrake took on the popular English brawler, Johnny Rose.

These 2 big mean battled for around 15 minutes, the fans clearly showing support for the Englishman as they heckled and booed the Irish Champion.

However, regardless of the fans distractions, Mandrakes superior power was too much for Rose and he finished him off and got the 3 count from a roll up pin, and fully utilising the ropes for leverage.

Winner: Mandrake

Match 2
The Justice Circle v ShockWave

The match started out well for the Justice Circle, as G-Man and Seb Winterz managed to fend off the super-heavyweight Phoenix and Motivator.  Motivator was somewhat distracted by a pork-pie that he had hidden in his not-so-flattering bright green leotard.  That pork pie must have given Motivator some motivation as he was able to beat down the fan favourite G-Man.

At one point, ShockWave had G-Man tied up in their corner, using G-Mans pink feather boa to choke him out – with referee Tom Ball distracted trying to split this up – BWP World Catchweight Champion El Destello ran to ringside and took out Seb Winterz – Destello savagely attacked Winterz with his Singapore Cane – pounding Sebs shoulder several times leaving the big man rolling on the floor in clear pain.  Fortunately, Justice Circle member, Jim ‘The Metal’ King, who was not booked on the show, was in attendance in the crowd and ran to the aid of his partner.  Jim chased off the Champ and returned to assist Seb who was in desperate need of some medical attention.  The G-Man and referee Tom Ball temporarily stopped the match whilst Seb was carried out of the venue to be taken to the local hospital.

The match then continued as a 2 on 1 battle – no matter how much heart or passion G-Man has and no matter what he tried to fight off these 2 monsters, it was not enough, after 2 ring shaking avalanche splashes into the corner, Phoenix hit a devastating J-Driver on The Prince of Pink – enough was enough – Phoenix pinned a courageous G-Man for the win.
Winner: ShockWave

Match 3
Storm v The Word Association with Rudy Wynne

The Word Association met one of the newest and youngest tag teams to enter the BWP – Storm, made up of Element and Demoni.  Lord Graham Thomas and Marcus King certainly gave the newcomers a Word Association welcome as they battered and beat them in their usual manner.  However, the W.A. members were clearly not prepared for Storms own offensive material, as Storm took the W.A. to the limit, almost gaining a couple of near pins on Rudys men.

As much as Storm tried, and as much as the crowd got behind the youngsters, it was not enough to put them over on the experienced Word Association as LGT finished off Element with a steal chain to the head after Rudy Wynne distracted the referee and handed LGT the foreign object.

Winner: The Word Association

Match 4
Zack n Jack Attack v The New TranSiberien Express

This match saw the return of the evil and sinister Night Stalker as he reformed The New TranSiberien Express, this time, his new tag team partner completing the Russian duo was Springbok who soon made it obvious that he was as demented and sickening as Stalker.

The reformed duo went face to face with the aerial masters Zack n Jack Attack – Zack Diamond and Jack Lightening.  The match was very high paced and high impact as the Russians fought tooth and nail to make their mark on the BWP Tag Team Turmoil by beating one of the most popular tag team duo’s in British history.  Although their efforts were impressive, they were not good enough to stop the Zack n Jack Attack as they picked up the victory and prevented the new TSE from making their mark!

Winner: Zack n Jack Attack

Match 5
Brad ‘The Knock-Out’ Matthews v El Destello (Champion) with Rudy Wynne and UnaMannera

Before this match kicked off, BWP General Manager ‘The Word’ Rudy Wynne informed the Abergele crowd that he was not happy with the choice of referee for the match, as senior referee Tom Ball was to familiar and friendly with El Destellos opponent, Brad Matthews.  After publicly dismissing Tom Ball Rudy introduced the newest BWP referee to the ring, a fair and impartial official that will have no problem with calling the match down the middle … Mr Phil Race.  Phil Race entered the ring and quickly showed exaclt how ‘impartial’ he would be as he shook the hands of Rudy Wynne, El Destello and UnaMannera only to turn away from Brad Matthews as he extended his hand to welcome the new ref.

As the match was about to start – out walked The G-Man to the stage, who approached the commentators table and sat alongside BWP commentator Jay Sinclair.  G-Man informed the crowd and Rudy that he was there to watch the back of Matthews, as he knew first hand what The Word Association is capable of doing, especially now they have their own referee on board!

Rudy asked for the bell to ring to start the match – however this was again delayed as Jim ‘The Metal’ King entered the ring from him ringside seat that he was forced to pay for having been dropped from the Tag Team Turmoil show by Rudy Wynne.  An irate Wynne demanded to know why King was there … only to be cut off by The Metal who told Rudy to shut up and listen!  Jim informed Rudy that he knows why he was cut from the show – because The Word Association is scared of Jim and The Justice Circle … and he knows that Rudy was behind the earlier attack on his partner Seb Winterz.  Rudy denied these allegations and asked The Metal to leave his ring.  Jim then said that he thought he should be involved in this show, as its his hometown, and that he should be entered into this title match as a third entrant!  As the crowd cheered for Jims proposal Rudy informed Jim that it was not going to happen, however as Rudy is a fair person, he would allow King to enter the Lethal Lottery match as The G-Mans partner seeing that Seb wasn’t able to compete and that Jim needs to make sure that he is on the winning team if he wants a title shot, as the surviving team members in the Lethal Lottery would proceed to a number one contenders match next month at the BWP Rural Rumble.  Jim accepted this offer, and told Rudy ‘Justice will be served!’.

Finally, the bell was rung and the match took place … Matthews had a strong following of fans raising the roof, this was clearly distracting to Destello as he seemed reluctant to tie-up with Matthews.  Destello, Rudy, UnaMannera and Phil Race pulled out all of the stops to put Brad Matthews down, all of them were involved in this gang beat down … but it was not enough for them to gain the upper hand as a defiant Brad Matthews overcame the odds and managed to take out Destello with his impressive ‘never die’ attitude.  At one point, Destello decided to whip Matthews into his own referee knocking Phil Race clean out – this showed that the pressure was on the Champ to do whatever it took to retain his title.  As Destello claimed his trusty Singapore Cane to drive into Matthews head, it showed that Matthews had done his homework and managed to dodge the attack and put Destello down with a number of brutal MMA style punches and kicks.  Brad then went up top and hit the Lethal Luchador with a face crushing flying fame-asser.

As the ref was down, and Brad was pinning a beaten Destello, referee Tom Ball stormed to the ring as the fans chanted ‘bring back Tom’ … Tom hit the 1 … 2 … but UnaMannera managed to reach into the ring and break the 3 count!  The audience were in chorus of disapproving chants as Brad and Destello both got to their feet – Destello charged at Brad who managed to side step the Champ – and locked in a rear choke hold on the Champ!  As Destello screamed in pain and tried to get to the ropes, Matthews locked in the move even harder, forcing El Destello to tap out to Brad Matthews!!

The crowd went wild as Brad Matthews, who had ALL of the odds against him, was announced as New BWP World Catchweight Champion!!  Tom Ball raised the new Champions arm as The G-Man hit the ring and handed Brad his new title belt!

The celebrations were short lived however, as referee Phil Race ripped the belt off Brad Matthews and argued with Tom Ball.  Rudy Wynne entered the ring and announced, as Phil whispered into his ear, that Brad Matthews had won the belt using an illegal move, choke holds were not permitted in the BWP – also referee Tom Ball was not the official referee for the match and Brad Matthews had purposely attacked Phil Race – therefore Tom Balls decision was nil and void and Phil Race was disqualifying Brad Matthews!  Therefore still BWP World Catchweight Champion, El Destello!!!

The Abergele crowd were outraged – Brad and Tom remained in the ring arguing with referee Phil Race as The G-Man chased Destello, Rudy and UnaMannera to back stage.

Winner: El Destello (by DQ)

Match 6

As all tag teams entered ringside for this historic match – Referee Tom Ball invited 12 fans from the crowd to select a number from the bag to determine which Superstars would team together in this 12 Man Elimination Tag Match.  The surviving members of the winning team would be entered into the Number 1 Contenders match for the BWP World Catchweight title next month at the BWP Rural Rumble show in Denbigh, North Wales.

The fans selected from random the following teams:

Team A
The G-Man
Lord Graham Thomas
Zack Diamond


Team B
Jim ‘The Metal’ King
Marcus King
The Motivator
Jack Lightening
Night Stalker

All tag teams, with the exception of Storm and ShockWave, were split up for this match.  It was strange seeing the King Brothers (formerly tag team SuperNatural) on the same team and The G-Man and Lord Graham Thomas on the same team!  Something the BWP Nation would never have expected to see, and something the individual Superstars did not want to occur.

Jim King stood alone from his ‘team mates’ as they tried every dirty tactic in the book to get the win, as did Lord Graham Thomas, who refused to assist any of his team at any point.  When the tables were turned later on in the match and LGT needed to tag out of the match – the entire Team A stepped down from ringside leaving LGT to take even more of a beating.

The final 3 men in the ring were LGT and the unlikely duo of Jim and Marcus King … although the numbers were in favour of Team B … Marcus showed his true colours as he and his opponent for the match, LGT, battered Jim – however Jim got his revenge as he KO’d his own brother and partner and hit LGT with a ?????  forcing LGT to land on top of his W.A. member, and eliminating him from the match!

LGT and Jim King then battled for the winning spot, and to be the sole survivor of this amazing match.  It looked as if both men had the match won at different points, however LGT put up a great offence and defence throughout the ending of the match, but it was not enough to fend off King who was on fire – Jim managed to hit LGT with a rear sleeper, causing the Lord to tap out!!

Winner: Team B – Sole Survivor Jim ‘The Metal’ King

Brad Matthews Fractures Ankle Before His Championship Shot!

BWP Superstar and MMA Fighter, ‘The Knockout’ Brad Matthews has regrettably fractured his right ankle during a MMA fight this past weekend.

The MMA fighter was in a scheduled fight against Canadian Danny Sykes in London, England when he sustained a fracture to his right ankle bone following a takeover by Sykes. The match was temporarily halted whilst EMT’s checked on Matthews, who decided to continue the match and went on, with a fractured ankle, to win the match by knock-out after a brutal roundhouse kick that Danny Sykes could not come back from.

Brad has been advised by his doctors and MMA medical staff not to participate in his BWP Tag Team Turmoil title match against the current BWP Champion, ‘The Lethal Luchador’ El Destello this coming Saturday, and has been told to allow the ankle up to 6 weeks to heal itself before he considers any further MMA or wrestling competition.

However, BWP Founder Steve Saxon visited Brad Matthews at his home in Rhyl, North Wales earlier today and has reported back to stating that ‘after spending a couple of hours with Brad this morning, it appears that Brad is insistent that his match with (El) Destello takes place and that he will be in Abergele, North Wales on the 23rd. I have informed Brad that this is his decision and that he should take some time to consider the consequences of his decision to compete against doctor’s wishes and recommendations. However, he (Brad) has decided that he will compete for the title this coming weekend in his home region.’

Brad Matthews, who has recently returned to his full time MMA and BWP schedules after a serious shoulder injury in the Autumn of 2009, seems adamant that he will take on El Destello regardless of his physical disabilities, but we here at wonder if The Knock-Out is making the best long term decision for his careers in both the BWP and MMA?

We will try to catch up with Brad Matthews personally before the Tag Team Turmoil show takes place this coming Saturday to find out first hand what he intends to do to ensure victory this weekend!

NEW Superstar Interview – Rudy Wynne

Hells Bells (HB) says
: Well I’m rather unexpectedly here with Rudy Wynne, the BWP General Manager as he has demanded his right to reply to Jim ‘The Metal’ King’s recent interview
Hello Rudy.

Rudy Wynne (RW) says: Good evening

HB says:  So to start I need to ask why you have felt the need to respond to Jim’s comments and what in particular has got you so riled?

RW says: Well, it’s the impetuousness of youth that got me annoyed. Being the General Manager it is my responsibility to put on the best show with the most competitive matches I possibly can. My phone rings off the hook most days from men & women with more talent than Jim wanting an opportunity to prove themselves. Jim had that opportunity, and what has he done? Formed “The Justice Circle” with Sebastian Winterz & G-Man! Hell bent on compromising my position as General Manager. So yes, when people threaten my job, my livelihood & my ability to feed my family, I get riled.

HB says: So as you feel that Jim is trying to undermine you, are you intending to do anything about it?

RW says: I already have. I’ve removed him from the one show he wanted to be on, his hometown show in Abergele. Men like Jim foolishly aren’t motivated by money, so I can’t hurt his pocket but by not fulfilling his dreams, I’m reminding him who’s the boss & who’s the pesky little runt.

HB says: Rather a cruel decision as he is, as you pointed out young but of course you are the Manager so that is your decision to make.
You must have read that he intends to attend the show. Do you have anything planned in case he does turn up?

RW says: Of course, extra security will be on hand. It is my responsibility to make sure the fans from Abergele are treated to a great show, and not spoiled by disgruntled employees.
Plus if the worst comes to the worst, I’ve got the Word Association. They’ve dealt with Jim before, they’ll deal with him again.

HB says: I presume you are referring to Jim’s brother, Marcus King as well as Lord Graham Thomas and El Destello.

RW says: Yes. Marcus is a shining example of what I wanted Jim to mature into. Marcus knows what side his bread is buttered, and he is being rewarded a lot better financially. Jim said he lives in Abergele and Marcus lives in London. There’s a reason why : he’s paid a lot better than Jim, and he can afford to.

HB says: That is interesting as I doubt that the fans realised that you paid Marcus more than Jim. Is Jim aware of that?

RW says: He is now.

HB says: Well I think he will have something to say about that.
So how do you feel about the comments made about you pushing Marcus over the edge into darkness?

RW says: Darkness? How? I’m a fair man, and everybody acts on their own free will. I put on a match that I imagine the fans wanted to watch, not my fault that Jim lost that match & the respect of his brother. Marcus is competitive, not dark. Would you call David Beckham dark? Or Roger Federer? Or any other professional athlete? No. Marcus is a professional athlete, and he wants to be the best in the world. It’s not dark.

HB says: You make is sound so plausible but I somehow doubt that you would see Beckham or Federer behaving in the manner we have recently seen from Marcus, especially against G-Man where he has been instrumental in altering the outcomes of a number of matches in the favour of G-Man’s opponents.
Are you saying you condone this type of behaviour?

RW says: I give people a free reign over what they do, and G-Man is free to interfere if he wants. If he’s too stupid to keep Marcus in check, it’s not my problem.

HB says: I’m sure all the wrestlers will take your words into account.
Now one other thing Jim mentioned in his interview is that he would like to see himself as the BWP champion in 12 months time. Will you ever give him that opportunity?

RW says: As I said, everybody gets an opportunity. I’m sure I’ll find him a spot in a match within the next 12 months. Whether he grasps it & challenges El Destello for the title, who knows? I highly doubt it, though.

HB says: Is there anything else you would like to say at this point to Jim or anyone else from the Justice Circle?

RW says: Well I’ve fought many battles in my life. They’ve not been in the ring, but I’ve won most, if not all of them. You don’t become General Manager to lose, or by being a loser.
Learn to deal with me because you will be dealing with me for a lot longer.
G-Man, Seb & Jim, I’m begging you, stop your petty minded rebellion because you just won’t win. Instead, concentrate on your opponents and Jim concentrate on what you’ll be watching on TV on the 23rd. For the rest of the BWP Nation, you will be treated to a wrestling master-class from the Word Association on the 23rd January in Abergele.
I personally guarantee it.

HB says: Well that is a comprehensive interview Rudy and will I am sure give the wrestlers, especially the ‘Rookie of the Year’, Jim King food for thought.
Now although this is an impromptu interview would you like to finish in the usual way of the one word association answers.

RW says: No. I am a busy man & both you & Jim have taken up enough of my time.

HB says: Well if that’s the way you want it Mr Wynne then fine and I’m sure this will not be the last interview you demand somehow.

RW says: I’m sure of that.
I’m a busy man, but often my name gets sullied through the mud like what’s happened with Jim. I feel as General Manager I should use official channels to put people to right.

HB says: That is your prerogative of course and with that I will close this interview. Thank you for your time

RW says: No problem.

El Destello v Brad Matthews – Tag Team Turmoil

Destello v Brad

Saturday 23rd January 2010 will be the first time that newly crowned BWP World Catchweight Champion El Destello will defend his crown against ‘The Knock-Out’ Brad Matthews … hand selected by BWP General Manager, and manager of The Word Association, Rudy Wynne!

El Destello was crowned champion after cashing in his ‘Saxons Sure Shot’ contract on the same night that he won it by beating The G-Man … attacking former champ, Seb Winterz, moments after Winterz beat his opponent Lord Graham Thomas not once, but twice in one night!

El Destello will now go head to head, face to face with Brad Matthews, the award winning MMA fighter from Rhyl, North Wales … who is expected to bring along a lot of local support to his local North Wales town of Abergele.

Brad has been out of action from BWP competition for some time due to a serious shoulder injury sustained in a MMA match – something that Rudy Wynne took exception to, at the time being quoted stating that ‘Matthews has jeopordised his wrestling career by competing in those ridiculous fights … he got what he deserved!’ … is this Rudy’s form of punishment for Brad Matthews return match?

El Destello, a notorious nasty and violent piece of work in the squared-circle … Brad Matthews, a rookie in the wrestling business, but a master of Mixed Martial Arts … who will walk out of Tag Team Turmoil as BWP World Catchweight Champion?

Will Destello put Matthews back on the injured list? Or will ‘The Knock-Out’ end the ‘Lethal Luchadores’ championship reign prematurely?

BWP Lethal Lottery

lethal lottery

On Saturday 23rd January 2010 – The BWP Nation are in charge!

After the tag team matches and title match have been decided … the BWP Nation will be asked to take part in the beginning of the highly unique, highly innovative and highly anticipated Lethal Lottery draw! This means that the BWP Nation will select, at random, which of the the BWP tag team Superstars will team up in the massive 12 man tag team elimination match … this means that tag teams may be forced to fight against each other on opposing teams. Enemies may be forced to team up with each other in order to gain victory in the first ever Lethal Lottery match in UK, and World history!

As excited as the BWP tag teams may be for their own matches on the 23rd January in Abergele, North Wales … they are clearly nervous of the outcome of the Lethal Lottery draw … this one match will see just how strong certain teams commitment to each other are!

The tag teams involved in the Lethal Lottery match are:

The Justice Circle – The G-Man & Seb Winterz
The Word Associaton – Lord Graham Thomas & Marcus King
Storm – Element & Demoni
ShockWave – Phoenix & Motivator
Zack n Jack Attack – Zack Diamond & Jack Lightening
The New TranSiberien Express – Night Stalker & Springbok

BWP Tag Team Turmoil – Confirmed Matches


On Saturday 23rd January 2010 the BWP tag teams will take part in the highly anticipated and unique BWP Tag Team Turmoil event in Abergele, North Wales.

The idea of this event is to showcase the tag team talent that the BWP have. Several of the top BWP tag teams will face each other throughout the evening, leading up to the main event … an exclusive match to the UK and WORLD! The BWP Lethal Lottery – a match that will include all of the tag teams involved in T.T.T. and the fans in attendance will decide who will team with who in the massive 12 man elimination tag match at the end of the show!

This means that partners could be forced to face off against each other … and enemies forced to unite for this one off special! Only the BWP fans can decide! The Superstars that stood side by side only minutes before the main event could end up battling against each other in order to be crowned the victorious team!

The confirmed matches, set by BWP General Manager ‘The Word’ Rudy Wynne, are as follows:

The Justice Circle (G-Man & Seb Winterz) v ShockWave

The Word Association (LGT & Marcus King) v Storm

Zack n Jack Attack v The New TranSiberien Express

In addition to the tag team matches and Lethal Lottery main event, newly crowned BWP World Catchweight Champion El Destello will go one on one with ‘The Knock-Out’ Brad Matthews … in what will be El Destellos first title defence.


BWP Superstar Interview – Jim King


Hells Belles (HB) says
: I’m with Jim ‘The Metal’ King, the BWP Rookie of the Year 2009

Hi Jim

Jim King (JK) says: Ahh there

HB says:  Well we’re in 2010 and this looks like being a good year for you but for the fans I thought it would be interesting to hear how you first got into wrestling.

So where did it all begin?

JK says: Well not a lot of people know that story, so it’ll be good to finally share it. It all started in a little village called Abergele, contrary to what people have been told. Both me and my brother Marcus grew up on wrestling..not only watching but training..seeing how things are done, the effects of what moves do what, how that armlock is being put on and why it’s bending in places not meant to. But we realised that such a small place would not have the right or professional training. We learned that after an encounter with a local myth, the man with a sausageroll for a brain but that story..maybe a different time.

We found ourselves moving to London, literally living on the streets until being brought in by strangers and into the place I would learn the art of wrestling

HB says: And how long did you stay in London?

JK says: 2 years maybe?

HB says: So why did you both return to Abergele?

JK says: Both? We didn’ much as I loved the streets of London I couldn’t simply abandon the place where I came from. There were people I missed. I came back and although I travel here and there, Wales will always be the place where “The Metal” was born. Marcus stayed in London and although at the time we were still a team I simply thought he was avid about training. I recently learned he left the organisation as soon as I left and found a different place.

Marcus never needed friends or family but I didn’t know it was because he was the person he revealed himself to be in Wrexham

HB says: Yes that was a shock, it is hard to believe that your quiet jovial brother was actually a sneaky two faced creep. Do you feel you can ever repair the damage Rudy has done and become friends again?

JK says: I’m not sure.  Marcus has always been different.  Theres a saying ‘madness is like gravity, all it needs is a little push’ sometimes I think all Rudy did was give hijm that little push to push him over the edge of darkness.

HB says: Into a place that existed within him already?

JK says: Unfortunately I think so.

HB says: That is a shame. So can you ever see a time when you may fight again – side by side rather than on opposite sides?

JK says: Its hard to say.  All I can say is that as of right now, it would take the forces of darkness and all that comes with evil for us to team on the same side.

HB says: Talking of evil, I notice that Rudy has left you out of the next show on the 23rd January, the first show in your home town of Abergele.

How do you feel about that?

JK says: Lets not get started..Randy Whine thinks he’s being smart leaving me out of one of the biggest shows in BWP’s history. Mr Saxon surely can’t allow him to take a “hometown hero” out of the show but Whine forgets who I am and what I stand for. I hope your reading this Rudy and all of the Word Association.

I am The Metal.

I am the King


And I will be there…..

HB says: Well said Jim and I hope you do make it to the show.

Ignoring Rudy though where do you see yourself in 12 months time?

JK says: Ignoring Rudy, that’s a hard one.  Well its a long shot but justice is served, maybe you’ll  be addressing the BWP World Catchweight Champion in 12 months from now!

HB says: Well I don’t blame you for aspiring for the BWP gold and good luck.

In order to further your career and achieve your goal, who would you like to fight if you had the choice and why?

JK says:  Right now, the one thing I need to do is beat my brother. I’m stuck in a place where I’m still associated with my darker brother – when I beat him, prepare for a new King, same good looks, different attitude.

HB says: Then I wish you well with that and hope you achieve victory over the black sheep in your family.

To end the interview in the usual style, please can you give me one word associations (excuse the term) for the following words?


JK says: Boring nights of scrabble (Yes I’m talking about Whine and his Goons)

HB says: Well not exactly a one word answer but very apt.


JK says:  Victory.


JK says:  One word .. really?  .. I’ll go with a simple BORING

HB says:ha ha and G-MAN?

JK says: Flexible (don’t ask)

HB says: Well what can I say – moving swiftly on – MARCUS KING

JK says:  Coniver

HB says: Interesting!


JK says:  Epic


JK says: The other King.

HB says

JK says: Sebby D Winterz

HB says:  And lastly, CHAMPION

JK says: Justice will always be the lasting champion.

HB says: Good point Jim.

Well thank-you for an enlightening interview and maybe next time we can discuss your “Sausageroll for a Brain” reference and the origins of your nickname “The Metal”.

JK says: I would love to explain that one soon.  And thank you, having my own interview made me feel like a rockstar!

HB says: Well you are a local wrestling star, so thats pretty close

JK says: Touche

HB says: Thanks, that was great Jim.

JK says: The pleasure was all mine.



Pro Wrestling International

Britannia Wrestling Promotions are the British Ambassadors of Pro Wrestling International - which other global promotions are associated with this group.

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Ffrith Beach Arena, Coast Road, Prestatyn, Denbighshire
LL19 7ER
Phone: 07713566658
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