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BWP Tag Team Turmoil

The Superstars of Britannia Wrestling Promotions will kick off 2010 with its highly anticipated BWP Tag Team Turmoil event live from North Wales.

The event, which will be tag team orientated, will feature such tag teams as The New TranSiberien Express, The Word Association, The Justice Circle, Storm, Shockwave and many more!

The main event of the evening will be an innovative and bar raising match that is being dubbed the Lethal Lottery.  The idea of this competition is that the attendance audience will decide which of the 12 tag team members will team with each other.  This means that enemies and opponents could be forced to team with each other in a massive 12 man eliminaion tag match – where two teams of 6 Superstars each will battle in an elimination style match, until one team is completely eliminated to decide the final winner(s).

In addition to the tag team theme of the event, there will be one singles match-up – between the newly crowned British wrestling BWP World Catchweight Champion El Destello as he goes one on one against the MMA Fighting Machine, ‘The Knockout’ Brad Matthews.  Why has Brad Matthews been chosen to face the Lethal Luchador in his first ever title defense?  BWP General Manager, ‘The Word’ Rudy Wynne, has hand selected Brad Matthews for ‘his’ champions’ first match.  This will be Matthews’ first match back with the BWP since his serious shoulder injusy several months ago, some have said that Rudy Wynne has selected Brad Matthews for this reason alone, to give his champion the upper hand – but will Brads sabbatical from the ring be enough to give the Mexican Masked Monster the advantage?

Stay tuned for further updates and advances in news for the first ever BWP Tag Team Turmoil event.

Full WWE RAW Results – 21 Dec 2009

RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

Justin announces Johnny Damon out to the ring with all his accolades. He comes out with his short Yankees hair and shaved Yankees face. He takes a mic from Justin and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas – this gives him a mixed review. He says it’s alright to get boos and cheers. World Series Champs in Boston and New York. He doesn’t know where he’ll be in 2010, but tonight he’s in charge of RAW! More heat. He says one RAW superstar will get a wish granted. Some blonde chased a mascot tiger into the ring. She’s wielding a cane and swinging hard at him. Into the ring, she’s screaming her head off. They leave the ring, down the right side of the ramp and out.

Kelly, Kim and Melina out in Santa’s helpers outfits to the ring. Kelly’s is the same pink she wore in Iraq. Maryse, Jillian and Fox out to face them.

Jillian on Kim. Kim whipped hard but moves out of the way. cross body on Jillian for two. Kim ends up on Jillian’s shoulders. Jillian falls back and pins Kim for two. Maryse in and works over Kim hard. Kim slams Maryse into a corner and flies into the face corner to tag out. Kelly hard on Maryse and gets a two. Jillian breaks it up and they all end up in the ring. With the ref’s back turned Melina helps Kelly and Kelly’s able to pin Maryse for three.

- Winners: Gail Kim, Kelly & Melina

They celebrate in the ring.

King and Cole talk about Santa and Hornswoggle taking DX to court tonight.

- Commercial

King and Cole talk about Little People’s Court.

HHH catches HBK with his glasses on. HHH called him a lazy eyes freak. They had to go to the ring then realized they had to go under the ring. They wiggle under and HBK goes on and on about being pitch dark. HHH says he gets it. HBK says he’s prepared and cracks his glow sticks. HBK says he got them at the vendor. HHH cracks his and says he got them at They find a light switch and are in a corridor. They say it’s huge under the ring. They find a sign that says Little People’s Court. Everything is little, right down the jury, judge, chairs, etc. They’re supposed to sit, but the chairs are tiny. The bailiff takes HBK’s knees out. HHH picks on HBK’s hair being the same as the bailiff’s. Then HHH refuses to sit and has his knees taken out too. Hornswoggle is there and grunts that he’s taken them to court for intentional infliction of emotional distress and has video evidence. HBK was the translator. Exhibit A – The video is clip from the three of them over the past couple months. HHH says it doesn’t look good. The narrator says we’ll find out more later when Little People’s Court returns.

Legacy, all three of them, out to the ring. Kofi, Evan and Henry out to face them.

Henry and Orton start, but Orton immediately tags in Cody and rolls from the ring. Henry brings Cody in the hard way. Cody up high and then Henry drops him to the mat. Kofi tags in and stomps the heck out of Cody in a corner. Kofi runs to jump at Cody but then lands split leg on the corner. Orton tags in and stalks Kofi.  Cody has a headlock on Kofi. Kofi elbows out, but runs into a knee. Back body drop on Cody and Evan gets the tag. Head scissors then dropkick on Cody. Then he drop both from apron. Evan climbs and hits his SSP, but Ted breaks it up. Orton beats on Evan outside. Cody pins Evan in the ring, but only gets two. Orton tags in and hits Evan in the head then stomps the heck out of him. Orton ricochets Evan up into the bottom rope. Ted tags in and hit’s a nice delayed vertical suplex for two. Henry gets the fans clapping. Headlock on Evan in the center of the ring. Orton shouts instructions to Ted. Huge clothesline to Evan for another two. Cody tags in, does nothing, Ted tags in and eats a kick to the face from Evan! Both down. Orton gets his tag, then Kofi tags in. Kofi works over Kofi and then a dropkick. Kofi hits his double leg drop. Cody breaks Kofi’s pin. Henry in to take out Cody and might have hurt himself. Trouble in paradise and Kofi pins Ted for three!

- Winners: Henry, Evan & Kofi

Ted is still lolling in the ring while the other three celebrate. Video of a couple of Kofi’s move and then the finisher. Back to them celebrating and Ted with Legacy on the ramp looking beaten and abused.

Backstage Damon hangs with Santa, the Bellas and Eve. They talk about the Yankees winning this year. Eve gets more eggnog and Carlito comes up. He says they’re under mistletoe. He closes his eyes and puckers up. Masters comes into Eve’s spot. Carlito’s pissed at Santa, who turns out to be Sarge. Santa makes a match between Carlito and Masters. Carlito says he can’t make matches, but then Damon does make the match. In the end Damon and Sarge are under the Mistletoe. Damon’s not thrilled as Sarge yells about don’t ask, don’t tell.

Recap of what already happened in Court. HHH addresses the court and says it’s a little misunderstanding. It’s not that they don’t like dwarfs, trolls, midgets. HBK says he’s not helping. He asks to say something and will keep it short. Just a tiny moment. Then he says he’s not helping. They then go back to video. This is the three of them in the ring together at MSG when Hornswoggle at a pedigree. Then they took him out on the little DX body board. HBK says they’re not guilty! They all want Hornswoggle to get in DX and it won’t happen. He needs to do something big to find himself worthy. And if you’re not down with that… All the little people started throwing stuff at them and they fled. Out of the courtroom and then out form under the ring. HHH asks what they’re doing running from a bunch of little people? They’re little. But then HBK’s grabbed from under the ring. He’s screaming about feeling their little hands on his legs. HHH pulls him out and they run from the ring.

Cena out to the ring. Swagger out to face him.

Swagger takes Cena down and starts mat wrestling. Forearm to Cena’s back and he’s down. Shoulders into Cena’s gut in another corner and then a knee to Cena’s face. Cena up and reverses the whip. Bulldog on Swagger and then Cena sends Swagger out over the top.

Swagger with chicken wing on Cena on the mat. During the break Cena went into the barricade and Swagger’s been in control since. Swagger catches Cena in the air and plants him on the mat. Swagger uses the ropes to get some height and slam a foot on Cena. Punches and kicks in a corner. Cena starts fighting back but Swagger grabs Cena and hit’s a sideslam for two. Another double chicken wing on Cena on the mat. Arm drag on Cena and more of the double chicken wing. Cena powers his way to his feet and muscles out of the hold. Cena hit’s a belly to belly on Swagger for two. Swagger whipped but gets a foot up into Cena’s face. Stomps on Cena and then a leg drop. Swagger runs across the ring, up to the second ropes and then splashes Cena for two. Swagger was pissed Cena kicked out. Swagger tried for his suplex but Cena reverses. Both struggle to his feet. Shoulder blocks to Swagger and then a slam. Super Cena is back! Five knuckle shuffle on Swagger for a ‘vintage Cena’. Cena gets him up for the AA, but Swagger was able to reverse it and slam Cena to the mat. Cena sitting up top. Swagger set up for a superplex, but Cena punches him off. Cena flies but Swagger moves out of the way! Swagger tries to his splash but Cena moves. Cena locks on the STF. Swagger taps and it’s over.

- Winner: Cena

Cena leaves the ring and Swagger on the mat. Video of the reversals and then Cena’s STF.

Damon talks to Santa who’s not Dusty. Dusty goes ranting in his normal way. MVP comes in and says he wants to prove he has what it takes to be Champion in 2010. How about MVP versus Sheamus tonight. Dusty says he reminds him a lot of himself. MVP pulls down the beard to show who it is. Dusty asks if his polka dot gave him away? Damon comes in and makes the match. Dusty’s left standing under the mistletoe and laughing.

Carlito out to the ring, apple in hand. Video of Matt Hardy accepting for Jeff last week, then Carlito got involved by attacking Hardy. Masters and Hardy took Carlito down. Masters, with Eve in tow, out to the ring.

Carlito tries to throw a blow, but Masters blocks it and hits one of his own. The master lock almost locked on until Carlito gets free and flees the ring briefly. Sleeper on Masters in the ring. Master up with Carlito on his back. Carlito slammed into a corner to free him, but then Carlito gets his foot up. Masters calls for the masterwork but eats a jawbreaker. Masters finally locks it on Carlito. The ref calls for the bell.

- Winner: Masters

Masters and Eve celebrate in the ring with a hug. She pulls out mistletoe and plants one on him getting his pecs bouncing. He holds the ropes for her to leave the ring.

Video from Tribute To The Troops.

The Bellas backstage with the tiger from the start of the show. They’re hitting on him. Miz says to Santa he didn’t get his Zcav pants he wanted, so things better be right this year. He wants a tour bus, a house in Malibu, and two hotter girlfriends. The beard comes down and it’s I.R.S.! he says Miz still owes taxes on the Ford Focus he won on the Kardashian’s show. Miz claims he was never on that show. I.R.S. says he’s checked his files and knows everything. It’s Tiffany wielding the cane (sorry I missed that earlier). She came flying through screaming that he’s a cheater and chases him out. I.R.S. and Miz watch wide eyed. Then I.R.S. tells Miz that being Champion puts him in a higher tax bracket, so don’t think about working his way out of his 1040 forms. Damon comes in and says he paid his taxes. I.R.S. says you baseball players are the biggest tax cheats of them all and stomps off. Then Mae Young comes in in much less clothing than she should be wearing. A tiny little Santa’s helper outfit and mauls the heck out of Damon who flees. She somehow manages to get back to her feet and wishes everybody a Merry Christmas.

Sheamus out to the ring.

Next week Timbaland will be hosting RAW.

Stills of Cena going through the table at TLC. MVP out to face him.

Sheamus on MVP hard after the bell. shoulders into MVP in a corner. Fist drops MVP. Body punches to Sheamus, but a forearm drops MVP. Backbreaker on MVP. MVP ducks Sheamus who hit’s a corner. MVP comes back with punches, but then Sheamus hit’s a few. MVP takes him down, but Sheamus plays possum and hit’s a big boot on MVP. Sheamus gets MVP up and hits his finisher for three.

- Winner: Sheamus

Sheamus poses with his belt. video of the big boot and then the finisher. Cena runs out to the ring, but Sheamus steps back. Cena with a mic. Cena says that everyone knows Sheamus owes him a rematch, right? Off comes the shirt. He’s there to collect, he wants it now! Cena taunts Sheamus who steps forward a bit, but then leaves the ring. Sheamus back up and into the ring, but then he leaves and backs up the ramp. Cena does his famous hand shake in front of his face.

The makeup artist wiping Mae Young off Damon’s face. Vince came in and said it takes sandpaper to take that off. Vince asks what he wants to do about Cena. Damon sets up Cena against Sheamus next week. Damon asks about Bret Hart. Vince says it’s not something to be discussed this holiday season and leaves.

Miz out to the ring. Santino, dressed like Santa, out to face him. Gifts thrown to the fans and Miz looks annoyed. Santino wishes a Merry Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa to all. He then sings Santino Clause Is Coming To Town. Right now Santino Clause doesn’t feel like being very nice. He gets his costume back together.

Miz right on Santino who falls back. Miz chokes him on a second rope and then lands on his back. Neckbreaker by Miz. Santino backed into a corner then stomped on. Miz rushed Santino who moves. Santino hit’s a move to drop below a Miz move then slams him down. Santino up but Miz moves. SCF from Miz for three.

- Winner: Miz

Miz poses over Santino. Miz grabs Santino’s bag and then stomps all the gifts inside. Then Miz kicks it from the ring.

King and Cole talk about DX being found guilty in ‘court’ earlier. Video recap of the whole thing.

Backstage Big Show is heading for the ring when Josh stops him. He asks about last RAW. Big Show says he’s sick of all these imposter Santas. He wants the real Santa out there to grant his wish and will take out any fake Santas or anyone else who gets involved.

Video of Ted in his new movie.

Big Show out to the ring. He’s back in his black ring gear. Big Show says Damon promised one RAW superstar’s wish will be granted. That will be him. He wants the real Santa to come out and grant his wish now. Out comes Santa with a Bella elf on each side. Santa carefully gets in the ring and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. He says Big Show’s a big little boy and while he’d normally have him sit on his knee, but that won’t happen. Big Show down on one knee to give Santa a knee to sit on. Big Show says he’s been a good little boy. Big Show says he wants his best friend and tag team partner back on RAW. Santa says Jericho has been such a bad little boy this year. All that talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Big Show says he wants this more than anything else in the world. Santa says if this is what he really wants, next week Jericho will be back on RAW. Big Show hugs Santa. Then Hornswoggle’s music plays. Hornswoggle into the ring and whips off Santa’s beard to show it’s Jericho. Then an entire tiny DX Army comes out from under the ring. They surround Jericho in the ring. They’re ready to throw down. Jericho takes everything off but his belly and his pants. He’s swarmed. They get all of them off Jericho but one. Big Show side slams the last tiny little guy to huge heat. High fives over the little guy then they hand him out to refs by one foot! Jericho throws Hornswoggle into the ring and the fans start chanting for DX. Hornswoggle starts to tune up the band. He nailed sweet shin music. Big Show got Hornswoggle up but DX’s music hit and out they come. They got rid of Jericho, but then Big Show grabbed them both for chokeslams. They reversed it and suplexed Big Show. HHH grabs a mic. He wants to squash Hornswoggle. HBK says it’s Christmas, they can’t squash him! HHH says what he wants for Christmas is to squash him. HBK says he’s growing on him. HHH says he doesn’t hate him as much either. HBK says that they said he had to do something big, and he did. “Can we keep him?” HBK says he’ll walk him, feed him, clean out his cage. HHH says DX has a height requirement. HBK whispers in HHH’s ear. HHH says if he drops the court case he can be the DX mascot. HBK says if you’re not down with that, we’ve got two words for you… Hornswoggle yells suck it! They all pose for the in ring pyro. They all pose in the ring.

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Sheik Abdul Bashirs TNA Departure Legit

As seen this past Sunday night at TNA Final Resolution, Sheik Abdul Bashir, real name Shawn Daivari, took part in the “Feast or Fired” match and was able to grab one of the four briefcases. However, the briefcase he drew contained a pink slip, which led to him being immediately fired from the company.

For those wondering of the legitimacy of his departure from the organization, his departure is in fact legitimate. He said his goodbyes to fellow colleagues prior to the event.

There are conflicting reports going around on whether it was the company or Daivari responsible for the parting of ways. While those close to the former X Division champion say he handed in his notice, those within TNA are saying it was the company’s decision to let him go.

Daivari had been with the company since last year and signed a contract renewal over the summer, but had not been used in a meaningful way in quite some time.

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WWE and TNA Superstars Meet!!

Wrestlers and employees from both World Wrestling Entertainment and TNA Wrestling met up on Sunday night in Orlando, Florida – where WWE was taping this week’s ECW, Superstars and SmackDown and TNA held its Final Resolution pay-per-view.

TNA president Dixie Carter was among the TNA employees who visited with WWE wrestlers a bar in Orlando, according to Carter hosted a Christmas party next door at the hotel where most of the TNA crew stays.

Several WWE superstars were said to be nervous about going over to the TNA party because of how WWE management might react. However, some of the TNA crew. It was said to be a “social” visit with Dixie Carter meeting some of the WWE crew for the first time.

TNA star Samoa Joe wrote the following on his Twitter page: “Just found out there are old associates in town. Tonight the Illuminati meets… Illuminati meeting became Illuminati sleepover and is now Illuminati pancake breakfast. Secret societies seem so much cooler in the movies.”

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Tommy Dreamer Requested Release From WWE

According to numerous sources within World Wrestling Entertainment, Tommy Dreamer is parting ways with the company.

The word going around among talent at last night’s SmackDown/ECW taping in Miami was that Dreamer had requested his release from the company.

“The ECW Original” has been with WWE since July 2001, working both as a wrestler and also holding other responsibilities within the company. He did work last night’s ECW taping, facing Zack Ryder.

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Hulk Hogans Confirmed PPV Return!


On Sunday 17 January 2010, TNA Wrestling presents the three-hour “Genesis” PPV, featuring the return of the legendary Hulk Hogan to Pay-Per-View!

The spectacular will take place at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

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TNA Final Resolution Results – 20 Dec 2009

TNA Final Resolution Results – 20 Dec 2009
Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Credit: Sean Hopkins

We get a video package highlighting the main feuds running into tonight’s event.
The pyro hits and Mike Tenay welcomes us to the broadcast. He and Taz quickly begin to hype the Tag Team Championship match which will be first tonight.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match
- The British Invasion (c) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

The Guns are out first to a big pop from the crowd, followed by the British Invasion who get a little bit of heat. Sabin and Williams start things out, locking up and going through some quick chain wrestling. Williams puts Sabin down with a hammerlock, but Sabin fights out with an arm drag and gets the quick tag. Shelley comes and and continues to work over the arm, but it doesn’t last long as Williams is able to take Shelley down with a drop toe hold and tag in Magnus, who comes in and works over Shelley’s arm.

Shelley is able to fight back with an enzugiri, but when he comes off the ropes he’s caught by Magnus. Shelley counters a suplex with an arm bar and makes the tag to Sabin. Shelley and Sabin hit stereo kicks to Magnus, and then to Williams. The heels bail to the floor and the Guns take them out with Stereo dives over the top rope. Back in the ring, Shelley falls victim to some double team work from the BI, followed by a high knee from Magnus. Magnus tags in Williams who gets Shelley in a headscissors and drives him head first into the canvas repeatedly. Shelley fights back with a couple of punches, but Williams gets Shelley in Gory special position and slams him into the corner. Williams tries for a superplex, but Shelley pushes him off and hits a big crossbody which is good for a near fall.

Magnus hits Shelley with a huge European uppercut and Williams is back in. Williams locks in a modified front face lock and the crowd is popping huge for the guns. Shelley fights out of the hold and drops Williams with a crazy double knee backbreaker. Magnus prevents Shelley from making the tag, and tags in Williams, allowing the continued dominance over the Guns. Magnus locks in a full nelson but Shelley breaks the hold . Shelley tries for a cross body but Magnus catches him with a body slam instead. Magnus goes for a splash but Shelley gets his knees up and he’s finally able to make the tag. Sabin comes in and cleans house on both members of the BI. Sabin tries for the cradle shock, but Williams fights out and makes the tag to Magnus. Sabin makes the tag and Shelley comes in with a top rope thrust kick to Magnus. Shelley hits an STO into the corner, and he fights off Williams with a kick to the back. Sabin dives between the legs of his partner to the floor on top of Williams. Shelley hits Magnus with a superkick and the Sliced Bread #2, but Magnus kicks out. Shelley slams Magnus down and goes up top but he misses the double stomp and falls victim to an exploder from Williams. Magnus hits a modified DVD on Sabin.

Shelley and Magnus square off and Magnus gets the upperhand with an uppercut. The BI have a communication issue as Magnus sends Williams to the floor with a kick. Sabin tags in and hits an enzugiri, the Guns hit a double team move and follow it up with stereo superkicks, but Williams makes the save. Sabin hits a cutter on Williams to send him to the outside. Shelley and Sabin hit kicks to the head of Magnu in the corner and follow it up with a big cross body but it’s still not enough to finish off Magnus.

The Guns try for another double team but Williams breaks it up. The BI hit a doomsday European uppercut and Magnus pins Sabin for the three count.

Winners and STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: The British Invasion

TNA Knockout Women’s Championship Match
- ODB (c) vs. Tara

Tenay and Taz run down the Tail of the Tape, and Tara’s music hits. She makes her way to the ring to some very nice pops from the crowd. ODB is out next to even more cheers from the crowd, it seems like they may be a bit split during this match. Tara tries to attack ODB right off the bat, but ODB rolls out of the ring and gloats that she is the champ.

ODB makes her way back into the ring and the match is able to start this time. ODB tries to attack Tara with a kick, but she catches her leg and hits her with a bit chop. Tara is able to lock in the tarantula, which she lets go after a couple of seconds, and follows up with a slingshot legdrop. Tara tries for a powerbomb but ODB fights out. Tara hits a slap, but ODB is able to fight back with a knee, and she jams Tara’s head into the turnbuckle. ODB hits a shoulderbreaker on Tara, which is good for a near fall. She beats down on Tara, and she teases the bronco buster, but she hits a boot to the chest instead. ODB chokes Tara between the ropes and she follows it up with an inverted DDT. Tara tries to fight back, but ODB puts her right back down with a knee and a big fall away slam.

ODB taunts Tara, but Tara takes her down with a quick roll up that’s good for a two count. ODB is quick to retaliate with a couple of quick stomps and she ties Tara’s arm up in the ropes, pulling back on her wrist. Tara kicks away at ODB’s stomach and she’s able to score a couple of quick chops and punches, and she sidesteps a dive from ODB. Tara slaps ODB and kicks her in the stomach, following it up with a few more slaps. Tara hits a hot shot in the middle of the ring before hitting a snap suplex. Tara hits a standing moonsault that’s good for a near fall.

ODB tries for a TKO, but Tara is able to slip down with a roll up and score the quick victory.

Winner and still TNA Knockouts Champion: ODB

An interviewer comes out and asks Tara how it feels. Tara says that this is the pinnacle of her career and that this is what she came to TNA for. She says she loves it and she loves the fans.

“Feast or Fired” Match

Tenay and Taz run down the rules, and Jay Lethal’s music hits first, and he’s on his way to the ring with Consequences Creed. The cases are hung above the ring. Cody Deaner is the third man announced, he comes out to basically no reaction. Beer Money Inc, Robdert Roode and James Storm are the fourth and fifth men introduced. Eric Young, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Homicide, Big Rob, Kyoshi and Kevin Nash make their way to the ring, representing WE, and we now have eleven men in the ring.

Obviously this match is going to be extremely difficult to cover so please just bear with me on this. I’ll of course make sure to get the names of the competitors that get the cases. Samoa Joe is the last man introduced, to a big pop. He makes his way out to the ring and we’re ready to begin. Everything just breaks down as soon as the bell rings and everyone is brawling. Some of the action spills to the outside where people get their heads bashed into various things, but the camera is jumping around too quickly. Lethal is close to grabbing a case but Kyoshi pulls him down. The crowd is chanting for Joe, and everyone is still just brawling everywhere. Deaner almost gets a case but Bashir is able to take him down. He goes for a case and Deaner returns the favor.

Deaner and Bashir fight in the ring and Bashir takes him down with a vicious Irish whip into the corner. Bashir continues to go for a case, but Deaner is able to pull him off the turnbuckle. Lethal Consequences beat up on Homicide with a tilt a whirl backbreaker/Russian leg sweep combo. Creed goes for a briefcase and Lethal watches his back, but Bashir is able to cut him off and he and Deaner fight over the case. The case falls to the floor and both men go for it and get their hands on it. Bashir wrestles it away and hits Deaner with it and he is declared to have gotten case #2. While everyone is confused, Big Rob grabs a case of his own, case #4.

Eric Young looks upset with Rob, and BMI use this as an opportunity to come in and clean house on WE, double teaming Nash and hitting a double suplex on Eric Young. BMI hit the DWI on Kyoshi, and follow it up with a slingshot DDT. Roode heads up for a case, but Nase prevents it and goes for the case himself. Nash is able to pull down case #1. Joe is in the ring to fight with Lethal Consequenses. He takes Lethal down with a uranage, but Creed jumps off the turnbuckle on Joe. Everyone hits some big moves on everyone else in super-quick succession, but Lethal ends up being able to go for the case, Homicide is right there though, with a gringo cutter from the top rope. Deaner goes for the case, but Joe comes out of nowhere with a big kick and he climbs the turnbuckle. Joe grabs the case, and he is in possession of case #3. They send it down to the ring, and we’re going to find out what the briefcases hold in them immediately. JB says it will happen right after a backstage segment. Christy Hemme is backstage with AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. Angle says that Desmond Wolfe has his head up his ass. He says Wolfe is smart and devious, but he is more smart and more devious. Angle says Wolfe won’t end his career tonight, especially when he has unfinished business. Styles says Kurt will get his shot, and soon. Styles says Daniels will never take the title from him, and then after he retains the title, he will take care of some unfinished business.

Back at ringside, JB and So Cal Val are running the ceremony. Nash is out first, JB runs down the possibilities of Nash’s briefcase, and he opens it up to reveal that Nash wins a Tag Team Title shot. Joe is out next with case #3. JB runs down the options left before they open up Joe’s case to reveal that he has won a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

JB calls out Big Rob and Bashir at the same time to open up their cases. He says one will be fired and one will have a shot at the X Division Championship. They open up the cases to discover that Terry wins the X Division Title shot, and Bashir is fired!
Bashir throws the case away as the crowd sings ‘Goodbye’. JB says that this concludes Feast or Fired 2009.

Elimination Match
- Team 3D, Rhino & Jesse Neal vs. The Pope, Matt Morgan, Suicide & Hernandez

Team 3D, Neal and Rhino are out first to a bit of heat. Hernandez is out solo for his team, and he will wrestle alone for the first five minutes. All four men look to jump Hernandez at the outset of the match, but they decide to leave it to Rhino. Rhino scores a quick kick to Hernandez’s stomach and he follows up with a couple of quick blows, tagging out to D-Von who beats down on Super Mex in the corner. Hernandez is able to fight back with a big slingshot shoulder block. Hernandez fights off everyone but Neal, who distracts him long enough for D-Von to attack from behind. D-Von chokes Hernandez with his boot and tags in Rhino, who comes in with a quick kick and tags in Ray.

Ray hits a couple of punches and an elbow to the back of the head, and when Hernandez tries to fight back Ray comes out with a quick lariat to put him down. Rhino tags in, and he dodges a splash from Hernandez, countering with a belly to belly suplex. Rhino hits the gore and goes for the pin but Hernandez kicks out at two. Rhino goes for another gore, but Hernandez sidesteps it and pins Rhino, scoring the three count. Rhino is eliminated. All three remaining men are in to beat down Hernandez. Jesse Neal goes to the outside and he grabs a chair, Ray tells him to hit Hernandez, but the music of Hernandez’s team hits, and they are all down to the ring, and it’s four on three. The faces clean house and send all the heels packing to the floor. Hernandez follows out with a big dive over the top rope.

Pope sends Neal into the ring into Suicide who tries for the pin, but only gets two. Suicide hits an elevated dropkick in the corner that’s good for another near fall. Suicide hits a Finlay roll and follows it up with a big leg drop from the top rope, but Neal is able to fight back with a forearm shot. Neal’s advantage doesn’t last long as Suicide hits a big dropkick. Neal fights back again with a couple of knees, but when he tries for a splash, Suicide ducks out of the way. Neal hits Suicide with a chair, but he’s not DQed, Hernandez in turn hits Neal with the chair, and apparently he gets DQed, so Hernandez has been eliminated.

3D come in and hit a quick 3D on Suicide, D-Von gets the quick pin and Suicide has been eliminated. Pope is in, but Ray just beats down on him for a bit. Pope is able to fight back with a couple of big right hands and he finally puts Ray down with a huge shoulder block. Apparently Neal was eliminated as well. Pope hits Rau with a coupleof big elbows, and when D-Von comes in, he catches a couple as well, as well as a double smack. Pope goes up top and hits a shoulderblock from the top, but it’s only good for a two count. 3D hit another quick 3D on the Pope, and he’s the next man eliminated. Matt Morgan is the only man left for his team, and he’s getting lots of support from the crowd. 3D attack together and push him back into the ropes, where they beat away at him. 3D choke away at him, and apparently the ref just isn’t going to do anything about it. Morgan fights back with a double clothesline that puts down both members of 3D. Morgan hits a big splash on D-Von, then Ray, then D-Von again. He hits rapid fire elbows on D-Von and tries for a chokeslam on Ray, but D-Von clips his knee from behind.

3D choke Morgan on the ropes and the crowd wants tables. D-Von rips away at Morgan’s face and Ray calls for another 3D. Morgan fights out and hits a Carbon footprint on D-Von, that’s enough to put him down for a three count, and D-Von has been eliminated. Ray is in quickly to beat up on Morgan and he chops away at him in the corner. Morgan starts to fight back but Ray resorts to a low blow. Ray tries for a big splash, but Morgan avoids it. Morgan tries for the Hellavator, but Ray counters with a DDT that’s good for a near fall. Ray goes to the outside and grabs the same char that was used earlier, but when he comes into the ring, he end up eating the chair when Morgan hits a carbon footprint into the chair into Ray’s face. Morgan pins Ray, and we have a winner.

Winner: Matt Morgan

After a botch where footage hyping the Foley/Abyss vs. Stevie/Raven tag is shown, more footage (that was meant to by shown) is aired hyping the Lashley/Steiner match which is up next.

Last Man Standing Match
- Bobby Lashley vs. Scott Steiner

Steiner is out first with the pipe he used last month, swinging it like a baseball bat. He doesn’t really get much of a reaction from the crowd. Lashley’s music hits and the crowd goes nuts when he comes out on the entrance ramp. Krystal Lashley is sent to the back before the bell even rings, and Steiner follows her up the ramp. Lashley follows, and he tries to attack Steiner, but he hides behind Krystal for a second and the drills Lashley with a punch. Steiner slams Lashley’s head into the steel guard rail a couple of times and then chokes Lashley with the TV cable before whipping Lashley into the barricade again. The action moves into the ring where Steiner tries for a clothesline, but Lashley counters with a quick T-Bone suplex. Lashley beats on Steiner in the corner before hitting a running shoulder into Steiner’s stomach.

Lashley’s hits a gutbuster and locks in a dragon sleeper, trying to choke Steiner out. Lashley lets go and the ref begins the count. Steiner is up at six, only to be clotheslined over the top rope. Lashley follows out and slams Steiner into the guard rail before grabbing a chair and smashing Steiner over the head. Steiner fights back with a couple of elbows and he grabs a pipe, hitting Lashley in the stomach and over the back. Lashley is able to answer the count at six, but Steiner puts him right back down with another pipe shot. Lashley is back up a seven and Steiner drags him back to the ring where he slams him into the ring steps. Lashley is able to answer the count at eight and make his way back into the ring where Steiner puts him on the top turnbuckle. Lashley is able to fight Steiner off for a bit, but Steiner hits a crazy jawbreaker (kind of an inverted tower of London) that puts Lashley down for a nine count. Steiner is right back on it and he puts Lashley back up on the top turnbuckle. Steiner hits a top rope belly to belly suplex.

Taz makes a ‘vintage’ joke, and Steiner goes for a double sledge, but Lashley counters with a belly to belly suplex of his own before hitting a running slam. Steiner answers the count at nine and hits a quick low blow on Lashley who was climbing the ropes. Steiner follows up and hits a big frankensteiner, putting Lashley down for an eight count. Steiner puts him right back down with a clothesline and he bails to the outside.

Steiner grabs the pipe, but when he makes it back to the ring, Krystal Lashley is down. she grabs the pipe from Steiner and throws it to Lashley who hits a big spear and follows it up with a hit with the pipe. The ref counts ten, and Steiner isn’t moving.

Winner by KO: Bobby Lashley

Raven & Dr. Stevie vs. Abyss & Mick Foley

Raven and Stevie are out first with a kendo stick and chair in hand, respectively. Raven gets a nice reception from the crowd, getting a couple of cheers. Foley and Abyss are out second to a big pop from the crowd. Foley has a mic in hand and says it’s ok that Raven and Stevie don’t want to play by the rules because he’s declaring it a Foley’s funhouse rules and there’s no DQ. All four men go crazy at the outset of the match with Foley laying Stevie out with the kendo stick and Abyss hitting a double splash on Raven and Stevie with Foley following it up with a running knee to Raven.

Foley and Rave fight on the outside to the back of the Impact Zone where they go through the curtain. Stevie and Abyss continue to fight in the ring where Abyss hits a big splash to Stevie’s back in the corner. Abyss goes for the cover but he can only get two. Stevie bails to the floor and he works his way to the back of the Impact Zone. Abyss follows and he slams Stevie into the barricade and the platform holding up the announce table. Abyss grabs a table from the side and Stevie is crawling away.

Abyss wails away on Stevie before pulling him up to the entrance ramp, he gets him in powerbomb position, but Raven comes in from behind with a kendo stick and cracks Abyss across the back. Raven uses the stick to choke Abyss and he bites away at Abyss’ leg (which is supposed to have 3rd degree burns). Raven and Stevie beat Abyss down the ramp and back toward the ring. Raven bites away at Abyss’ leg again, causin Abyss to scream in pain. Stevie hits Abyss with a chair as Raven pulls a gas can out from under the ring. Foley is on his way down to the ring with a shopping cart full of weapons that he rams into Raven. Foley uses some of the signs to wail on Stevie and Raven before hitting them both with a barbed wire bat. The gas is spilling on the floor. Foley hits a stump puller pile driver on Raven in the ring before hitting a double arm DDT on Stevie. Foley lays Stevie on top of Raven and Abyss hits a bit running senton. Foley grabs Mr. Socko but Raven throws powder in Foley’s eyes.

Raven tries for the mandible claw but Foley fights out. Abyss hits a shock treatment on Stevie and a leg drop on Raven at the same time. Abyss goes into his pants and apparently he has a Socko too. They get stereo mandible claws, but Raven is able to hit a Raven effect DDT for two. Foley wraps a roll of barbed wire around Stevie and lays him on the table next to the entrance ramp before going up to the top and driving Stevie through the table with a big elbow drop. Back in the ring, Daphne hits Abyss with a chair. He tries for the shock treatment on her, but Raven distracts him. Abyss hits the black hole slam on Raven and this one is over.

Winners: Abyss and Mick Foley

JB is backstage with Samoa Joe, he asks him about his shot at the TNA World Championship. Joe said he told people for weeks that he was going to walk out with the briefcase that he now has. Joe says that now the most vicious man in the world is in possession of the most dangerous thing possible, a title shot whenever he wants it. Joe says when will he use it? Maybe he’ll wait for the end of the match tonight, or maybe he’ll wait until January 4th, to make the biggest statement of all. Joe says that when he walks down to the ring to cash in that briefcase, he will walk out the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Three Degrees of Pain Match
- Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe

We get a video package before the match highlighting the events over the past two months that have led to this match. Tenay and Taz talk over the match for a bit. Apparently this whole match will be contested inside of a steel cage. The first fall is pin only, the second is submission and the third is escape from the cage. Wolfe is on his way out to the ring first, to a little bit of heat from the crowd. Angle is out second to a warm reception from the crowd.

The bell rings and the first fall is on. Angle backs Wolfe up immediately into the ropes. Apparently in the first fall, you can’t use the steel cage as a weapon or you risk being DQed. Wolfe and Angle lock up in a test of strength, and Wolfe comes out on top with a keylock. Angle counters with a go behind take down into a front headlock. Wolfe comes out into an armbar and he also wrenches away at Angle’s neck. Angle fights out with a single leg takedown and he scissors the leg to put pressure on Wolfe. Wolfe gets out with a well placed kick.

Wolfe locks in a modified front face lock and he slams Angle down to the mat

, but Angle rolls through into a hammer lock, lots of chain submissions here. Wolfe gets out of it with a snapmare but Angle is right back into a hammer lock. Wolfe hits another snap mare, but Angle rolls right back into another hammer lock. Wolfe fights out with an elbow, and a quick throat chop. Wolfe hits a giant European uppercut and he tries for a quick series of pinfalls but Angle will not stay down for three. Wolfe tries for a knee drop but Angle avoids it and Angle goes to work on the knee stomping at it. Wolfe pokes Angle in the eye before taking Angle down with a headlock takedown. There’s a dueling chant but the crowd is much more behind Angle. Wolfe hits another headlock takedown, just trying to wear Angle down. Angle is able to fight out of the hold, but he’s taken down by a shoulder block. Angle comes back with a hip toss and a quick suplex, but he gets hit with another elbow. Angle hits a huge bucklebomb, but Wolfe hits a snapdown armbar, falling to the canvas.

Wolfe fights out of a roll up attempt and slams Angle’s hand and arm down into the canvas. Desmond goes right back to work with another modified front face lock. Angle fights his way out of the submission and ducks a lariat only to hit a flying lariat and a belly to belly suplex. Angle tries for the Angle slam, but Wolfe counters out with a flying hammer lock. Wolfe tries for a lariat, but Angle counters with FIVE German suplexes. Angle goes up to the top turnbuckle, but Wolfe knocks him down and hits the tower of London. Kurt is able to kick out of the pin attempt at two.

Angle hits the Angle slam to counter the tower of London, but Wolfe kicks out at two. Angle goes back up to the top turnbuckle and he goes for a moonsault but Wolfe rolls out of the way. Wolfe hits a big lariat and puts Angle on the top turnbuckle, hitting another tower of London. This time, Wolfe puts Angle down for the three count.

Winner of the first fall: Desmond Wolfe

As soon as the bell rings for the second fall, Wolfe works over Angle’s arm, stretching his shoulders, but Angle rolls over and goes right into the figure four. Wolfe struggles for a bit but he’s eventually able to make it to the ropes to force a break. Wolfe locks in a modified gogoplata before floating over into a top wrist lock. Angle fights tries to fight out of it, but Wolfe puts him down with an arm drag while maintaining the submission. Wolfe hits another arm drag, and he goes back to the modified gogoplata. Angle works out of Wolfe’s submission directly into the ankle lock right in the middle of the ring. Wolfe rolls through though right into an figure four armbar.

Angle rolls right back through into the ankle lock, but Wolfe is able to roll right through again into a kimura. Wolfe locks in the London dungeon, but when he tries to pull him back to the middle of the ring Angle is able to lock in the ankle lock yet again. Wolfe counters yet again into an ankle lock of his own.

Angle locks in a modified triangle choke, but Wolfe is able to work right back into the modified gogoplata, which he turns right into a tight triangle choke. Kurt is almost counted out, but he rolls over and through into the ankle lock. Wolfe tries to kick out but Angle holds on and locks his legs on, applying more pressure and forcing Wolfe to tap.

Winner of the second fall: Kurt Angle

Angle hits a big Angle slam to start off the third fall and he goes right to the top turnbuckle. Angle gets caught by Wolfe who climbs up after him and slams his arm into the cage. Wolfe hits a big superplex and both men are down. Wolfe tries to climb the cage but his left ankle is too hurt. Angle slams Wolfe’s ankle into the cage and he follows up, but Wolfe knocks him off. Kurt is right back up with a huge German superplex, and both men are down again.

Angle slams Wolfe into the cage face first. Angle hits a big running lariat, and Wolfe is split open and bleeding bad. Angle climbs to the top turnbuckle and he tries for a frog splash, but Wolfe gets a leg up. Wolfe is hurt too though as he put up the leg with the hurt ankle. Wolfe calls for the foor to be open and when Angle tries to run up behind him, Wolfe slams the cage door into his head. Wolfe is almost out of the cage, but Angle grabs him by the foot and locks in the ankle lock. Wolfe taps but it doesn’t matter.

Angle finally lets go of the hold and Wolfe is just shaking on the canvas. Angle goes to the top rope and he tries to climb to the top. Angle makes it to the top and Wolfe goes for the door. Angle drops the last six feet or so and falls to the floor before Wolfe can make it.

Winner of the third fall and the Three Degrees of Pain Match: Kurt Angle

JB is backstage with Mick Foley. Foley says he can’t take credit for the win tonight since Abyss got the 1-2-3. Foley says the person he really wants to talk to is Hulk Hogan. Foley says that Hogan is going to turn his life upside down before he even gets to the Impact Zone, so January 4th, he and Hogan are going to spend a little quality face time together.

TNA Championship Match
- AJ Styles (c) vs. Daniels

There’s a lot of stalling as the crew takes down the cage. Daniels is finally shown warming up and walking in the back. His music hits, and he makes his way out to the ring to a bit of heat from the crowd. AJ Styles is shown backstage on his way to the ring. He gets a huge pop when he makes his way out to the ring. We get formal ring introductions for both men from JB. So after the opening bell, this one is ready to go.

AJ and Daniels jaw at each other before the match starts as Slick Johnson displays the TNA World Championship belt. Daniels and AJ stare each other down at the ring bell, and both men are slow to make a move. When they do, they tussle around the ring in a collar and elbow tie up. AJ backs Daniels up into a corner, but Daniels slaps him across the face when Styles breaks. Styles backs him up into another corner and teases hitting him, but ultimately doesn’t. Daniels comes right back out and ties up Styles’ arm.

Daniels ties up AJ’s arm and he gloats, calling himself the next world champion. Daniels takes AJ down with an arm drag, but Styles fights out with a headscissors. Daniels floats over into another arm bar and continues to work on AJ, trying to wear him down. AJ fights out and locks in a rear chin lock, but Daniels fights out, though he quickly falls victim to a shoulder block. Daniels knocks AJ over and goes right back to work on AJ’s arm.

Daniels hits a pretty inventive flying arm drag, but when he goes for a dropkick, AJ avoids it. AJ tries for a spinning back kick, but Daniels sends him out to the apron. AJ is back in the ring and he surprises Daniels with a beautiful dropkick. AJ slams Daniels head into the corner and beats on him for a bit before hitting a kick between Daniels’ shoulder blades. AJ hits a quick headscissors takedown which he follows up with a crisp snap suplex. AJ chops at Daniels’ chest but Daniels bails to the floor. AJ follows out with a beautiful flipping senton directly on top of Daniels. AJ sends Daniels back into the ring, following in with a slingshot dive and hitting a discus lariat. AJ locks in a rear chin lock, but Daniels fights out of it, hitting a monkey flip sending Styles into the turnbuckle.

Daniels sends Styles to the floor where he lands straight on top of his head. Daniels grabs a chair and he sits Styles in it, he grabs another and goes to hit Styles but the ref takes it away. While the ref has his back turned, Daniels picks up Styles and puts him through the chair with a uranage. Daniels sends Styles back into the ring and he tries for the pin but Styles kicks out. Daniels hits a big side slam but again it’s only good for a two count. AJ hits a headscissors out of nowhere and he goes to work on Daniels in the corner with a couple of forearms. AJ goes for a springboard move but Daniels punches him in the back. Daniels hits a crazy back suplex slamming AJ straight down into the top turnbuckle. Daniels goes for the pin but he can only get two.

AJ tries to fight back with punches to the midsection, but Daniels continues to work over AJ’s back with knees and a body slam. Daniels does a springboard splitleg moonsault on AJ’s back and locks in a rear chin lock, but AJ is able to grab the ropes to force a break. Daniels slams AJ down to the mat and he goes for a lionsault. AJ moves and Daniels lands on his feet. AJ surprises Daniels with a hammer lock back suplex and both men are down.

AJ beats on Daniels in the corner and he hits Daniels with a big spin kick. The action spills to the outside, Daniels tries for a hurricarana over the top rope to the floor but AJ counters with a huge powerbomb. AJ sends Daniels shoulder first into the steel ring post. AJ pounds on Daniels and Daniels rolls back in the ring where he tries to beg off. AJ doesn’t fall for it and he hits a fireman’s carry neckbreaker. AJ hits a springboard backflip into an inverted DDT, but he can only keep Daniels down for a two count. Daniels crotches Styles on the top rope after a back body drop. Daniels hits a crazy superplex from the middle of the ropes but again it’s only good enough for a near fall.

Daniels puts Styles on the top turnbuckle, but AJ tries to fight him off. Daniels hits AJ with a huge thrusting right hand. Daniels hits a big hurricarana off the top rope and follows it up with a shining wizard, but he still can’t keep AJ down. Daniels has a disgusting knot on the top of his head. Styles blocks a suplex and hits a big brainbuster.

Styles hits a springboard clothesline, but Daniels gets his foot on the rope to end the pin attempt. Styles calls for the Styles clash but Daniels falls out. Styles hits the Pele. Styles tries for the Styles clash again but Daniels grabs onto the ropes and fight out of it. Styles tries for a German suplex but Daniels grabs onto the referee. Daniels puts Styles down and hits the BME but Styles kicks out.

Daniels beats on Styles, but Styles fights back, slingshotting Daniels into the corner. Styles rolls through into the Styles clash but Daniels kicks out at two. Styles goes up to the top turnbuckle, but Daniels is there to knock him down with another uppercut. Daniels goes for another hurricarana, but AJ counters with a top rope Styles clash. AJ pins Daniels, and that’s all folks.

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: AJ Styles

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WWE SmackDown, ECW & Superstars Spoilers – 20 Dec 2009

WWE SmackDown, ECW and Superstars Tapings in Orlando, Florida
December 20th, 2009 – Credit: Patrick Dirusso

Good attendance tonight, 85% full.

Dark Match

* Shelton Benjamin pins Tyler Reks. Reks draws heat by saying “Where were all of you when I needed you” Shelton wins in under 5 minutes.


* Segment where Jack Swagger comes out and promises to be the next ECW Champion.

* Zack Ryder pins Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer dominated most of the match.

* The Abraham Washington Show with guests Trent Baretta and Caylon Croft. Washington makes Tiger Woods jokes before introducing Croft & Baretta. They try to draw heat but get very little. These guys need more mic work.

* Backstage segment with Christian and Yoshi Tatsu. Swagger interrupts and accuses Christian of trying to “coach” Yoshi. Swagger says it will do him no good becuase he says he will “steamroll” through Yoshi tonight and then beat Christian for the ECW title. Yoshi calls Swagger a jackass after he walks away.

* Vance Archer pins Goldust in an ECW Homecoming qualifying match.

* Yoshi Tatsu pins Jack Swagger in an ECW Homecoming qualifying match.

WWE Superstars

* Ezekiel Jackson vs. Vladimir Kozlov ends in a double countout. They brawled outside not very long after the match began. Quick to say the least.

* Segment with Drew McIntyre. He claims to have been the chosen one by Vince McMahon and that Vince McMahon was “correct in chosing him” becuase he is the new Intercontinental Champion. John Morrison interrupts. Morrision informs McIntyre that Teddy Long has approved his rematch for the IC title at Royal Rumble. They brawl and Morrison hits the Starship Pain on McIntyre.

* Kane defeats Mike Knox in a decent match. Decent pop for Kane.

Friday Night SmackDown

* Opens with Vickie Guerrero and Teddy Long in the kitchen. Vickie brags about her “delicious Christmas recipes” including potatoes and turkey. When her back is turned, Hornswoggle appears on the table and tages a huge bite out of her turkey.

* John Morrison, Matt Hardy, Finlay, and R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, CM Punk and Lke Gallows. Good match, lots of back and forth. All eight men were in the ring at the same time hitting their finishers. Morrisin hits Starship Pain on Ziggler for the pin.

* Rey Mysterio vs. Undertaker ended in DQ when Batista attacked Taker during the match, as Taker was about to deliver the chokeslam on Rey. Saw this one coming a mile away. Taker laid out Batista and then Rey hit Taker with the hurricanrana and Batista with 619. It was a mess.

* Cyime Tyme rolled Slam Master J, dressed as Santa, backstage. They stole his gift bag, jacket, and went out and tossed the gifts to the fans at ringside.

* Cryme Tyme defeat two jobbers. They continued handing out presents and gifts to ringside fans.

* Mickie James and Maria defeated Beth Phoenix and Layla. Lots of heat for Layla and Michelle McCool who was doing commentary at ringside. After Mickey pinned Layla, she went to get her some of McCool. That led to a 3 on 2 attack which did not bode well for Mickie and Maria.

* Segment with Chris Jericho where he whines and complains about losing the tag belts to DX. He then questions why the Hart Dynasty is deserving of a title shot. Harts come down. Jericho backstrokes a little but again questions why they deserve tag title shot. DX interuppts them via the big screen.

DX say they have Christmas presents for Jericho and Hart Dynasty. For Jericho, they have a “Tickle Me Big Show” doll which farts when you press his stomach. They also have a one way ticket out of RAW. For the Hart Dynasty they have a 1 way ticket to Canada where there is snow, bears, hockey, more snow and more bears. Pretty typical DX stuff here.

Jericho then tells Hart Dynasty to make an impact because this is how DX plays their immature childish games. And then, the Hart Dynasty hit their finisher on Jericho.

* Another segment with Vickie and Teddy. Vickie apologizes for the previous Hornswoggle interruption. Vickie shows off her stuffing recipe which Teddy finds disgusting and asks how the Guerreros can eat that stuff. Hornswoggle appears again and throws a pie in both Vickie and Teddy’s face.

* DX beat The Hart Dynasty in the main event with a Pedigree. Before the match, Triple H gives his own rendition of “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” After the match, Hornswoggle appears and poses with DX as SmackDown goes off the air.

Dark Main Event:

* Undertaker pins Batista following a Tombstone.

Biggest Pops: Undertaker, DX, Rey Mysterio

Biggest Heat: Batista, Chris Jericho, CM Punk
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Hulk Hogan & Mick Foley dropped from WWE

As seen last night prior to the Tribute to Troops special on NBC, Hulk Hogan has been removed from the introduction video which kicks off each and every single WWE television broadcast. “Hulkamania is running wild” has been replaced with “Everyone has a price!” with “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase pictured instead of Hogan.

WWE also removed the clip of Mankind being thrown off the top of a cell at the 1998 King of the Ring. In it’s place is a clip of Jeff Hardy diving off a ladder at this past year’s WrestleMania.

Both Hogan and Mankind had been featured in the intro video since its introduction on October 3, 2005.



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